Where's (potentially) the (most) magic?

Maybe we do not need to be alerted every time our posts are mentioned elsewhere. Private messaging, or a function akin to this letter to the editor system, is great for direct one-to-one communication. That is what I should know about – there is a letter in my mailbox by someone who wants to get in touch with me. But maybe having the other part of it be open-ended, mentions and quotations without notifications, leaves room for a sense of renewed discovery on the web.

Even ignoring the important difference in “potential for magic” between discovery and notifications, I thought this species already learned it isn't sufficiently bio-mentally advanced to keep up with notifications from “notificationable spaces” at typical mass-participation scale?

Being possibly obnoxiously bold:

“Magic is to discovery as fatigue is to notifications.” – Inquiry

Read.write.as, then, acts as a little town square of sorts where, as you said, you go about “looking to see what other writer are talking about, seeing if you have been mentioned, seeing if a conversation is progressing.” That to me is a place on the web worth dwelling in. Thanks for contributing to that feeling Miso.

Yes, me so happy 'bout miso too!