whatever comes to mind

> Why is this not as simple as intended?

That can be a rather risky question to ask in public.... ;–)

> extension: GRANTED!

Just a quick note that on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, that would have been Mister Granted....

> I am still a bit ancy so I thought I'd post something.

Been there!

> I was looking at the wrong file yesterday when I uploaded > the “screenshot” from my MBA, it was simply the > background, hence the long-winded blog post about the apps > I use, what is on the dock.

I do appreciate your demystifying that situation! :–)

> The Place Where We All Meet

Oh my... I so enjoyed/loved that!

> I love you all and I hope you'll read this to the end.

Couldn't. Too much. Even merely skimming caused my attention light to dim.

> I'd be honored if you would take a few minutes to give it > a look.

Looks nice!

Barely have enough time for as it is, though.

> I decided that is was the removal of dark, black coffee > from my diet that was causing me to lose sleep. You see, > black coffee (and all day consumption of it) tells my body > that “you are awake now, keep drinking this stuff to > STAY awake”. And when I stop drinking it, I crash out > and then sleep 7+ hours per night. This is a good thing, > in my opinion.

Same here, plus digestion and, um, elimination benefits.

And I swear that any day now I'm going to chance upon the brand/blend that causes my hair to go black and grow as it once did! :–)

> Hey Inquiry, congrats on the bloggo numbers :)

Why, thank you sir!

> There was something else I was going to mention to you, > but have forgotten :/ Oh! You reminded me of the Stones > song in your previous post, so I went and listened to > “She's Like a Rainbow”, great song!

If you've not already, check out the entire album it's on. Still my fave of theirs – and “2000 Light Years from Home” off the same is without question my favorite song of theirs.

(And, oh, wow... the “She's a Rainbow” Wikipedia entry informs me it and “2000” were on the same single!)

(And, holy fucking shit... that single was released on December 8, the date of Lennon's death....)

Holy WTF, Blogman! What up with these read counts of semi-recent posts?

2020-11-18T16:35:48Z|88|PS, I blog you.... you-oooh you-oooh you
2020-11-18T19:17:42Z|93|, there is a blogger showing photographs.. of every post they've had the pleasure to-hoo read
2020-11-19T17:21:56Z|91|We got the blog, we got the blog, we got the blog.. Yeah! We got the blog!
2020-11-19T18:57:08Z|110|The mystery blogs are coming to wake you today
2020-11-20T15:54:34Z|100|Blog.. blog.. blog onto my screen.. let me read the ponder.. of all of you.. baby I read you
I mean... 110? People must be confusing Inquiry with someone else, 'n shit!

Lookin' kinda breezy outside. Kind of a half-assed work effort today, so far... tended to a couple low-grade tasks that might suggest engagement/busy-ness to others whose opinions matter to job security. You know.

And, after all, it is a short week what with a couple days off for Thanksgiving....

<don't worry... imma feelin' as guilty as I should about it>

My wife has off all week, so she's painting come cabinets, lining up some professional help to facilitate the new house being as move-in ready on the closing date as possible, trying her best to avoid mucking with my goofin.. I mean my work focus.

> It does not mean I do not love you or value your place in > my life. I cherish the freedom you give me to just write > little bits without any of the structures academic or > “professional” writing imposes on people like me who > make our tea and biscuits as working “professionals” > where writing is a significant part of it.


Well... ohhhh-kaaaay... you're welcome.... :–)

> To make up for my repeated absences I promise to leave you > some stories and screeds. Liberally peppered with sex of > course... not really, but maybe.


What was that about pepper? ;–)

> Our lives are not that important. We know this somewhere > in the bottom of our hearts long shielded by visions of > humanness handover hundreds of generations. It is a good > node to start self-reflecting from. The virus has proved > that an external agent cannot tame our arrogance and the > onus for this rests upon the inquiry distant from other > human chatter. There is no brave new world waiting to > happen, just a recycling of the drab one we inhabit.

Love the way you put that – especially the way you worked the word 'inquiry' into the mix.... <coughs>

Thankfully, “our lives” are purely conceptual, aka re-presentation, modeling, “map” that isn't the territory.

And the territory remains untouched by all such seeming alight-happy dust.

(UPDATE: I changed the word 'white' to 'bright' in the title so as to not trigger racism conniption fits in those perpetually on the screeding edge of such....)

> What is an (Internet) tool?

Isn't it a bit suspicious that we use the word 'is' as though what follows will dive deeply into the true nature of whatever word before the 'is' is re-ferencing/re-presenting... yet invariably the only thing that ever follows the 'is' is more words?

So... <word> “is” <more words>... does that accurately describe the depth of human understanding?

Just wonderin'....

> This blog is simple. It's a journey to becoming what I > want to become. A walk up the mountain with me. Wherever > it leads.

Love it! Looking forward to more!

> But, suffice it to say – my regularly scheduled > programming will continue as per usual. And that's fine.


Sitting “in” (i.e. remotely) the weekly all staff meeting. Pretty typical. Lots of believers. In the various word symbols about the alleged reality of the organizations, its participants, objectives, goals, ways, means. Whole lotta faith. Like with everything else in this mind space in which thoughts (and their somewhat more concrete accretions called “words”) IS (haha) the territory, the reality.

Just 'cuz one's reality is nothing more or less than one's faith/belief in what it <cough> is....

> More of these in the future?


> I am not terribly thrilled with sharing anything on > YouTube, because YT is a garbage monopoly that ruins online > video while profiting from YOU.

And life is a complete waste of time leading into the mouth and gullet of entropy.

Enjoy both while you can.

Heck of a productive day, here.

Found carpet and flooring we like at Lowes, got me some CPVC joining shit after breaking the threads on a coupling of sorts yesterday. We'll see how well I did tomorrow when I reconnect the toilet and turn the water back on in that bathroom. Kind of running out of CPVC stem in there, so if it's not right, I'll likely have to enlist expensive – aka professional – services. But with maybe just a 'lil lucky....

Also sanded up the shower stall a bit to hopefully take a painting.

<mental note to try to remove more of the soap scum before attempting that again>

> Please excuse me for talking about myself.

You've come to the right place!

> Just got back from Total Access Urgent Care, and standing > outside in the cold in the misting rain for 1.5 hours, > and when I got inside, they said my COVID-19 test would > cost me $99. Up front. They couldn't bill me. LMAO WTF? So, > I left without getting the test


> > If the purest esoterism comprises total truth—and > > that is the reason for its existence—the question of > > “orthodoxy” in the religious sense quite obviously > > cannot arise; direct knowledge of the mysteries could not > > be “Muslim” or “Christian”, just as the sight of > > a mountain and not something else.

Truth is said by some to be simply the absence of the thoughts in the way, as it were – especially the thought of being an individual.

> Someday, W.a will have the ability to add comments to a > blog via (from what I hear). This will be a good > thing, and I will enable this feature straight away on my > TMO blog (this blog), but there will need to be a person, > or people, to moderate the comments for R.w.a blogs.

Yeah... nah.. I've pretty much lost interest in comments. Or the traditional, “made easy” kind, at any rate. As with the internet in general, making things foolproof – i.e. simplifying things so any moron can participate – is essentially an invitation to fools.

This here kind of commenting? Well, its content might still be moronic from some point(s) of view, but I think it takes just enough effort to dissuade lazier troll commenting. Plus, it increases “cross-blogination”, because one must search others' posts for mention if/when it means that much to one, which means encountering more writing that might inspire still more.

Lazy Sunday morning, here. Grey. Drizzle. Went to bed on kind of a bad note. Just a bit down on this individuality thing, feeling its pull, its coax, yet knowing the ends thereof. It's one thing to have sufficient ignorance for it to occasionally rise to the level of bliss. But once you've gotten a good look at how it works, and the mayhemic havoc its operation invariable reaps... and yet you keep embracing it on and off as if “it'll be okay this time.. I'll just have to be less/more whatever” (e.g. more moderate, more empathetic, less selfish).

> I mean there are probably ten different ways I could make > it seem like today was a good, useful, productive day in > my life – but really, it was wasted. I consumed coffee, > a little bit of food, and browsed the Internet, and that > is IT! I didn't leave the apartment, and no one came over, > of course. My writing was sub-par (no surprise there), > my mood was totally neutral, even the weather was kinda > overcast, but kinda sunny. Therefore, neutral.

Sounds pretty enviable to me!

And regardless your criteria for your writing quality relative to “par”, I enjoyed both its content and frequency. I dare say I've come to count on tmo to deliver the above-par blogging goods when I'm in need of that kind of a read – which turns out to be pretty frequently.

> So, I'll use this as a mental space to dump. It'll be > nice. It'll be refreshing. And likely it'll be a bit raw.


> Same for whatever excuse I tell myself on why to keep > blogging. Or to keep smoking. Or to keep...doing other shit > that I do. Smoking is an addiction, blogging, not so much > I don't think. But either way, there's some clarity there.

People forget that while breeding contempt, familiarity also breeds comfort. They're sort of a pair of brothers that can't/don't really get along, yet somehow do.

> Looking ahead, my weekend (and all of next week) will be > reading, writing, consuming too much media, and going for > walks in snow-covered suburbia. (Unless it melts and I > have to rescind my opening declaration.) If reading and > writing and being lost in thought is all that's left, > I'll be at peace. To get lost in the vast expanses of our > minds is one of the greatest gifts of humanity.

Sure: when it's not being one of the greatest self-inflicted tortures when – yea, because – being taken too seriously.

> Either way, I will proceed with life as if I was destined > for greatness, and make choices to affirm this belief, > and fight for it at all opportunities. It'll probably pan > out well for me.

I'd bet on you based on those statements alone.

> But what is something CONCRETE, something TANGIBLE, > something you can wrap your arms around and bite between > your teeth and say “yes, god damn it! THAT is real!”

<long, raucous laughter – not to demean, but due to strong empathy/sympathy/familiarity>

As hard as it may be to believe, one is never more than a mental arm's reach from a simple, mental-switch-flip away from illimitable peace:

Flip the double-pole, double-throw switch marked “The World” from the “Is Reality” position to the “Is But A Dream” position.

That's all there is to it.

Oh... and then stay the fuck away from that goddamned switch.... ;–)

> I do like the way the old Braun models were designed, > though.

Chuckling for having used one this morning.... :–)

> It's another beautiful, sunny, WINDY day here (wind gusts > up to 55mph) – so I will try to get outside and enjoy > it later.

61F during today lunchtime walk, wind gusts capable of moving this body with just one foot planted.

> My current system for tracking customers and opportunities > involves several paper notebooks, a daily planner, an > unsorted email inbox, a special address book, social > media follows and bookmarks, various DMs, forum topics, > issue tracker tasks, and so on.

Are you familiar with /dev/null? ;–)

I've tried lots of off-the-shelf and self-written tools, and integrations thereof.. but always wound up back with simply formatted lines in flat text files to which unix text utilities can be brought to bear – complete with the eventually-fading conviction that all searches for tools that'll likely not work any better than that (yet of course come with their own generally unadvertised problems/limitations) are carefully-concealed procrastination. :–)

> I've had a frequent-though-not-intense cough for the past > week, and that could be virus-related. Or smoking related.

When in fact it's utterly due to reading cheesy and/or cantankerous Inquiry posts! ;–)

Okay... back to work. Actually doing some browser Javascript this morning, creating an editor for a specific class of data that we're tired of trying to parse from .xlsx files that are somehow derived from Google Docs – complete with all the Parsing Hell Irregularity one could/should expect given the sickening manual-ness of said data construction path....