whatever comes to mind

Huh... when I posted the previous, instead of seeing my post, I was shown a “page missing... did it ever really exist?” kind of page. Sure, what I expected was there after I refreshed, but... just thought I'd mention it in case a recent code change might have precipitated that as an unintended consequence.

> The second is that all interaction should happen > within a social “space,” rather than around a > single person. The idea is to introduce wider context > and hopefully serendipity, instead of optimizing for > addictive loneliness (at best) and narcissism (at worst), > as “me”-focused platforms tend to do. Everything is > a living room — not Everything is about me.

I could be wrong (and would love to be..), but in my mind achieving that is less about mechanisms that might (mostly in the eyes of Hope...) provoke desired behavior, and more about attracting the kind of people that pre-lean in serendipity-favoring ways – whilst, of course, dissuading trolls and the like.

Just don't ask this never-really-got-others-much kind of guy how to do that. ;–)

Perhaps basic music skills – e.g. senses of rhythm and tuning – serve as a reasonable metaphor? It's like sometimes I think developers are looking to design and implement musical instruments for the tone deaf, i.e. the cart is where the horse belongs.

But then I remember we live in times when being selective about others is paramount to, in Christian terminology, blaspheming the Holy Spirit – i.e. unforgivable. So scratch the above unless you're prepared to be called a racist and/or other *-ist the rest of your life, if not run out of town by torch and/or pitchfork....

> And by the way, it's free.

<sits up straight; listens more carefully>

> I am sorry to hear about your father, I hope he pulls > through.

Appreciate that. Thank you!

> Also, I will have to get the entire Mitch Miller > 8-trackography should I decide to get the old > turntable/8-track/AM/FM unit.

Okay... but don't blame me if your head explodes. ;–)

> I walk to her section > I can visualize her here > sitting cross legged, reading > not paying me any mind

Wait a second... are you typing about a real human she, or the Blogosphere She™?

> Feels like there is a “thing” happening here on > W.a/R.w.a

I've felt that at times. But then the line seems to go so dead for just long enough for me to begin feeling as though I'd merely imagined the “thing”... and then soon on those heels cometh the feeling I wasted my time posting... 'cuz, I mean... I got over the thrill seeing something I'd “published” <coughs> a decade or two ago, so I need a bit more evidence it was worth the effort.

And so, wow... it's, like, The Internet Dog blessed the fuck out of me today, what with a couple quotes/mentions. It's, like, I'd type more, but need to wait for the room to stop spinning so gosh-danged ecstatically.... ;–)

> What happens when you share an idea and don't get any > feedback?

I call it blogging. You? ;–)

> Hope you're all doing well :)

Oh, pretty well. But I'll admit the existence of far too many others is slowly but surely grinding my will to live to a halt. I kind of want to say the internet was a huge mistake mostly because none of us really needed to know precisely how fucked up most of the rest of us are.

And it gets worse. You can't even really say that without risking shunning due to an odd cult of unjustified optimism about online-hood, as though potential (as a noun) alone means something. But even a rookie dumb-assed piece of fuck can annihilate the hope of potential faster than a blogger gets... NOT read.... :–)

But anywho....

So, okay... I'll be more specific. I'm hundreds of miles away from my wife allegedly to watch after my dad who had a mild stroke a few weeks ago. But it's really so that his 20+ years younger partner can take one of her daughters on a vacation. And all manner of previous family (in the sense of it being mostly those I grew up with, not those I'm finishing my life with) drama has been flowing in and out of the situation.

And then I read in text that the assfuck who took a down payment check from us a week ago to do some work for us this beginning of this week texted my wife to let her know he hurt his wrist and doesn't know when he'll be able to start.

Anyone out there still unclear on the kind of thing that stokes so-called “going postal”?

I mean, it's already enough that both vax-ers and anti-vax-ers are claiming to have made their decisions upon reason/fact/“science”, when anyone with half an unbiased brain can see it's just simple dumb-assed faith.

But, then, isn't self-centric bluster this species' primary, um, content....?

(TRUTH IN VERBIAGE LENDING: this post is proof)

> Time for an [Inquiry]( > post, from the title with altered Simple Minds lyrics to > the quotes from other blogs – here goes:

Oh. My. Blogging. God.... :–)

> Quote within a quoted blog here, not sure how to do that...

I think I might have done a version of it above.. but then it's not probably what you'd really want, i.e. a distinct anchor within an anchor. I'll have to mess with that sometime, assuming it's even possible.

Or I'll just wait for CJ Eller to post the solution. :–)

> I can see why Inquiry posts like this now!

It's a combination of it being what I online grew up on, and it feeling as though interacting – because while composing a “reply post”, I can fairly easily imagine an exchange taking place at somewhere-between-text-messaging-and-conversing-slowly speeds.

Of course, a downside is you can't fool youselves (plural intentional) forever (or I(s) can't..), so after a while the disparity between openly quoting/responding to others, and others playing impervious islands-unto-themselves roles (classic blogger, I guess...?) feels too imbalanced, as though screaming in a vacuum inside a large glass tube that makes it possible for onlookers to see just how foolish and/or desperate one is (in their minds... but you know how easy it is to imagine that means it's objectively “real”, right...?), leading unto ensuing embarrassment, re-evaluation of online presence, etc., etc.

And then I forget all that en route to of going mostly blindly through it all again....

> 8-track player: untested. And I don't care if that worked > at all, to be honest.

But that's the most important part! :P

Heh... reminds me of a time in high school I pulled into a parking lot space in the actual park across the street from the high school, and when I opened the car door looked down to see a container of about a dozen 8-track tapes, one of which was called “Sing Along With Mitch” per Mitch Miller.

I think a friend of mine an I gave it a once-through listen, but it seemed lame relative to our tastes. But it became a heck of a good seed for “inside jokes” development!

> What to do? > What to do?

Repeatedly think about other matters 'til the repetition flips their reality bit to one....?

> I want less of what you ate for breakfast and more of why > is that breakfast good for you or me.

Cheerios.... ;–)

> May we edge ever closer to that raw, human, cosy adhocracy.

I get the feeling there are too many self-centric assholes near that edge anxious to push beings better than themselves off said edge to attain unto a meaningful cosy adhocracy.

> I never see her leave, > but I do notice the unsettled dust > from the book she's just stolen

Theft being one of the many forms of the aforementioned push....

Beautiful day on tap. Brother and sister-in-law visiting this weekend. Then I visit with my dad for three day. Much going on for my wife to oversee in these parts. She not very good at setting in motion a manageable amount of work. I can hope it a learning experience for her, but chances are it'll just be characterized as failure on my part.

As the “and then we die” part of the equation continues to slip slowly into the positive column. What went up must come down. And etc.

> 22:15 – OK, so that stream of consciousness didn't work > as planned lol!

As though a phenomenon of stream of consciousness (i.e. the notion of you) could plan for its Creator! ;–)

> Maybe grab a non-alcoholic beer and head to [The Midnight > Pub]( for a bit before watching > Netflix.


Gosh, that sounds wonderful.

> I started pouring through a book a professor recommended > me about five years ago and never got to until now — > Herman Hesse's The Glass Bead Game.

Oh, God... I remember enjoying that to the N+1th.. but can't remember so much as a glimmer of a detail.. so thank you for the reminder to get back with!

> So when your life crumbles and you finally see that you are > not in control, give your life over to God, as you should > have done in the first place, and let Him show you how > little you really are. Let Him show you how much you can't > control. Let Him show you He knows the bigger picture.

And for those of you that couldn't get past the word 'God'/'Him', feel free to replace that with “YOU KNOW FROM WHENCE”....

Hey, peoples! Fire in the place. A mix of ethanol and THC molecules helping to inform how this all seems. Words appearing slightly delayed from fingers poking into whatever the thing is below the screen. Various stray musings sans the kind of muse I thought I needed in my 20s. And 30s.

And... OH......KAY... maybe even into my 40s....

> P.S: For those of you who are curious I will explain how I > poisoned myself in that story or in an individual post. :)


> Trust me, I'm a software engineer


(i.e. too good of a contextually monkey-wrenched statement to pass on....)

> It's the same story over and over again. The elites and > foreign powers leech off America and they make out like > bandits while hard working Americans get screwed!

Doesn't knowing that's the case (including the generally-not-completedly-admitted-to part about not being able to do anything meaningful about it anyway) atop having a laughably finite existence behoove not wasting time thinking about it at all?

> he stowed the chart in his pocket > and he looked up > > his eyes were empty dark pools


Typical work day. The sun looks like autumn sun for whatever reason.

(NOTE: the reason is the presence of a thought declaring such to seemingly be so.)

In related news is enlightenment simply the absence of the thought of there being an individual to attain/have it....

                       her mind
                       leaps at
                  everything but here
                  everything but now

                 giving whatever it is
               (or could be said to be)
                a good mind-dwell soak
                  all and everything

                    and deity help
                    any and/or all
              failing to acknowledge that

Slow, steady rain.

Productive day, the one before.

Today we've on hand (in mind, actually) one of the many special days people have named and forgotten to be special only when – not to mention by virtue of – believing them to be so.

It's one of the many things those considered preeminent members of the species do with great solemnity.

And I'd almost forgotten how much I love Luscious Jackson: “beloved, make it feel like summer”.

Such straight, drab rain – not unlike the hair of a girl homely in an inexplicable way hovering enticingly in the vicinity of can't stop looking.

> What's a sad sack?

I appreciate the history you brought!

> There will be days like this.

Why did you leave the “and then we die” part off the end of that? ;–)

I mean, yeah, sounds silly at first. And yet remembering that part can be key toward growing past auto “catastrophizing” responses, right?

> To Write it Down on Paper or on a Digital Device

Or... accept forgetting something as a sign it wasn't worth remembering?

<next day>

A bit hectic around here, what with wife's grandchildren visiting last night through the first part of today. Very fun, but degrees of pain for being out of the weekday routine. Nice breather on the treadmill this moment even as they visit a local attraction or several.

Ahead of the game at work, which pairs really nicely with the manager being out.

Filter's “Take A Picture” playing....

> I need some motivation, I have been struggling lately with > being a literal lump on the couch. Not sure how I am going > to get there but if I want to be around to see my child > grow up, I need to make some changes.

I've found rejuvenative properties in washing dishes by hand, but only when accompanied by Dawn....

> It pleases me to think of the terminal as a blind Borges, > goading me to describe things better, every error ending > with a beckoning to elucidate further.

<in a typing access all one's own> “How you type <whatever>?”

> Revisiting that book now, there's so much that makes > me smile.

Your post definitely made me smile.

> when all this is done for me > I hope we can play again > I hope you can find me

<privately intones a silent 'Amen'>

> I value community. I appreciate you read this blog, and > that you share part of your life through yours. These > invisible connections we made whilst doing this are more > than enough for me.

Over the years, I've found the word 'invisible' too closely approximates 'non-existent' in that context – never mind how one risks powerfully painful doses of herd shunning if/when departing from The Socially Acceptable Script™.

> I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am now declaring that 432 Hz is > the middle A for many reasons. One of the many reasons > is that 432 Hz is calmer and more clearer, not to mention > that this tone is scientifically proven to heal. The 440 > Hz is not the harmonious A that you are taught in school.

It's about time someone effing fixed that! ;–)