whatever comes to mind

Damn, I love the way he put this:

Unpopular opinion: I don’t read ebooks. I know people find them convenient, but I feel an inherent value in the design of a book, and holding it in my hand. I got a kindle in 2009, > and I tried using it semi-exclusively for maybe six months, but I found that every book sort of ran into each other in my head and I remembered nothing from them, because I was always holding the same device and reading the same fonts and the same spacing. I did not retain any of the words in my head.

– Jon Konrath

> I always think it will be difficult to find someone who > will love me when I'm always scattered in a thousand pieces

I dare say our dear Miss Internet empathizes with that big time.

<smiles at a train horn in the not-too distance>
Oh noes, a few wispy clouds hankering for some blue sky stage time....

Do you ever feel guilty for writing more shorter paragraphs than less longer paragraphs?

(See what I mean?) I feel like maybe I've less to say about anything in particular, and more to say about lots of things (which actually sounds kind of psychotic upon re-reading it...).

Or – like that question mark sounding sentence lilt so popular these days (especially amongst non-privileged-old-white-ok-boomer-males.. <he says, coughing up a fictitious – except in the news media (and young minds believing their shite) – wad of $100 dollar bills he doesn't deserve>) – has that simply been a trend that I'm sub-consciously following?

What got me wondering about that (okay, I think the sarcasm may have subsided..) was reading that Jon Konrath guy I've mentioned a few times here of late (not including a link to avoid the appearance of spamming). I've been seeing plethoric lots and lots of real paragraphs in his writing, and so I couldn't help but wonder why I no longer feel capable of that – I mean – you know – apart from just munging sentences together without regard for pacing, relatedness, etc.

Things started a little gloomy outside, here, but now the neighbor's house is awash in sunlight, complete with the mesmerizing dance of the shadow of tree branches between the houses.

          play those funky shadows, white light
             play those funky shadows right
          play those funky shadows, white light
    wave form and photon and play those funky shadows
                     'til it's night
              ('til it's niiighyeeeeet!!!)
Sandwich still in progress, 'cuz it's rich and challenging to eat, ya see....

I'm working on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (on homemade bread), something I suspect I've not had in at least a decade.

Also, having just seen a couple birds doing their herky-jerky head movements atop the fence just outside this window has me wondering if they live in a sped-up world. It's, like, in the time I've slowly turned my head about 15 degrees from left to right, they've boom-boom-boom'd their head back and forth in discrete jumps several times.

I'm in a typical, Monday morning “How will I ever become interested in this work shit again?” work funk.

And it's all's fault! ;–)

But I also lay a bit of blame on my coworkers' digital doorsteps for not trying a little harder to be a little less typical.

We watch a now semi-ancient movie called “Soapdish” and, ohmygod, I nearly stopped breathing in places.

Also chanced upon a Letterman “Sonny and Cher” interview from 1987 that I somehow wasn't aware of before last night.

> The government is neutral,

That (phrase) is possibly the funniest thing I've ever read! ;–)

> Since the beginning of Extratone, I've done my best > to consolidate important reads of my own into our > publicly-available reading list channel on Discord

Sounded great until I followed the reading list link to discover I'd need to “join”, i.e. create yet another walled-garden login.

Nopers. Done with that.

I'm with tmo/olry in – if I'm remembering correctly (sorry if I'm not, tmo/olry) – being far more interested in RSS-like mechanisms. I want to be able to tune in and filter, not login and be tracked (or whatever the fuck that model's really more about..).

I suppose this risks sounding elitist, but in my mind if you can't produce content that compels people to donate without even being asked/told to, then put your shit out there for free and be done with it. Erecting these goddamned login hoops, with all the typically associated happy horseshit CSS popup/popdown pleas for joining/subscribing? Surely that's run its course – or soon enough will have.

I suppose I'm possibly sounding critical of in that regard. But, on the contrary, doesn't feel at all like that sort of insanity to me. Rather, enables what I want to call happy-horseshit-less publishing. And surely that can't happen for free. The subscription models seem fantastically reasonable to me. (In fact, I actually feel a little guilty for having gotten early into a now grandfathered subscription plan whose benefits far exceed the cost... <gives his rising guilt yet another downward nudge>).

I mean, far too many modern sites literally look like they're having an epileptic fit when loading, for godssakes... and I'm not at all interested in sympathetic vibration(s) from that infecting my already fragile nervous-eco-system....

> I'll be posting some of my all-time favorites from the > past few years in this Twitter thread.

<cringes at the very sight of the word 'Twitter'>

> I think though many people are faced with similar > questions. I’d like to see bloggers discuss this > openly and offer a platform. I’ve started. Show me your > voice. Write something if you are staying somewhere.

As a matter of fact, I am: a little place called “home”. :–)

But it's hardly little, really. It's much more like many places in practice. The front deck is an entirely different world that the back deck, as is deeper into the backyard, as is every room in the house. And I can bring lots of other places/realms to this screen with a little finger-flapping (anyone know if there's a Samantha Stevens nose twitch device?).

So although I suppose I could feel like shit by imagining it a singularly stifling place in which I'm “stuck”, I choose to think otherwise (which reminds me of that great David Foster Wallace commencement address, come to think of it..).

In fact, I'm with 100 colleagues in earbuds, and on another screen courtesy of Zoom this very moment, whilst semi-simultaneously (it's actually much closer to Really Fast Context Switching) with Mike on the screen I'm staring at to hopefully keep the quality of this reply-poorly-disguised-as-a-post as high as possible.

All “merely” mind..........

Loved this post, Reto! (too many loveable items to individually quote)

> I am calling it “The Zine Around The Corner”. My > “design” skills are trash, and my Photoshop skills, > well, they are non-existent, so I made some parts of > the zine things I drew IRL and then used a scanner app > to import them into a PDF document and added them to > the issue. Kind of stays true to the whole “zine” > atmosphere I'd say. :):)

To me the essential glory of such things is that they are much closer to “what's humanly possible” than to – as the risk of sounding just a wee bit more than micro-jaded – “what's possible when a bunch of people and machines get together – typically more to worship Mammon in a sea of their own greed-induced saliva (although of course other bodily fluids are welcome..) than be of service to humanity”.

I'm rather tired of what I want to call “The Nth Degree of Perfection”. I want to marvel at least as much in “the sentiment behind it” as in the actual content itself. Perfection screams “clean room” to me – as in having chased away the soul with an increasingly effective cult-of-the-perfection-of-the-outside-of-the-cup broom.

> Embedded into the ⚡ section of olry. There you can > read the whole thing, share (download) it for yourself, > or view on Scribd (if you have an account).

Clicking on the link above the image (from here) led to:


This document has been removed from Scribd.

> Another link: The Zine Around The Corner (Issue. 1) – >

Leads to the same as I reported above.

> Just realized I never shared this one here.

Very cool.

> > in Whitehead's analysis, The widest horizon of thought > > is not that of metaphysical universality, but of the > > civilizational dynamics implicating a metaphysical > > consciousness. that is, the ultimate horizon of philosophy > > is not static abstraction of what (maybe) is (out there), > > but actualization of what could be in a process of > > universally entangled becoming.

There's no doubt that losing one's seeming individual self is the fast path to (re-)gaining Suchness (for lack of any word sufficient to the task of re-presenting <ineffable>).

(heh... saw the word 'fact' so often of late that I managed to type 'fact' instead of 'fast' the first go-around)

> It made me think; if DJT doesn't wind up in jail after his > four years are up, and people don't see justice for all the > heinous crimes against humanity (as well as high treason) > he is guilty of come to justice (as it has already come > to light), then America, the country (not the ideals or > the integrity of the citizens, but the actual Rule-Of-Law > form of country) will be a thing in the distant past.

I've some bad news: those who oppose evil aren't necessarily good.

Indeed, I'm pretty sure good doesn't even get invited to the table to which you refer.

So be careful who you believe in that realm.

There are those willing to do whatever it takes, and the rest of us. And the former are not above duping the fuck out of the latter.

And I'm not even coming close to the depths they're willing to mine in the duping department when I say “the fuck”.

So, again... be care who you believe in that realm, for smoke has never met such mirrors....

> personal zine (which have to some degree died out, but > are still alive in the right places)

Links, please! :–)

> Fun times. Thanx for the comments :)

It's weird. Referring to other posts almost feels like a sort of naughty “fourth wall” violation in these parts. So I'm definitely going to The Hot Blogging Place when I give up the p-gh-ost....

> but at least you felt it at all

There we go.

> The system worked well. Shopping in the store was less > stressful than I've found it really recently. And the > shelves were better stocked. There were only two items > on my list that I couldn't find. And neither of them were > “critical.”

I think we've become permanent believers in grocery deliveries. We probably avoided it over the years mostly for having grown up more poor, thus still being warmed by the embers of trying to be as fiscally conservative as possible.

But, my gosh, to not have to dick around on the road, and invariably with store frustrations, e.g. how you get in a checkout lane that has one person it it, and somehow four pass through the adjacent lane before that one person finally gives up the lane ghost?

And, in a way, shopping reminds me of the modern internet: way too much going on, too much to think about, too many choices to make, too many distractions. And I'd rather tip someone who otherwise might not have a job, anyway.

> old time radio is better than the crap thats out there now.

Jesus, yes. These days I “seek” (button) through the AM and FM bands once before trying to vomit outside the driver side window without getting too much on the inside of the pane....

> I'm no good at blogging. Or I should say I am “no good” > and I spend a lot of time blogging, but when people pervert > the hobby into something that is used for marketing/ers, > it's just super annoying.

Hear ya on the latter part.

But as for the former, well, I don't know what “good” means in blogging realms, but I really like your approach. Returning to your thread reminds me of returning to the “zine” section of the magazine racks at Barnes & Noble back in the early 1990s. I was too old for what was going on in that scene then (though not by nearly as much as now), but felt like I was tapping into really interesting undercurrents, possibly “new directions”, new thinking. And it seemed rather part and parcel with the whole “Local BBS” thing – though I'd been doing that for quite some time, and was quite possibly already a genuine internetzien, working some super early version of Slackware, or whatever.

I can definitely still hear the modem....

(Shit... what the fuck was the name of that first “ISP” I signed up with? Ugh... totally wiped from memory.. although I definitely remembering fucking with esoteric Linux networking files to finally get connection/networking/email settings just right...)

But it's a combination of things melding positively when it comes to your offerings. The age difference provides that sense of possibly learning “what's really going on” with younger-than-I people I likely couldn't understand in terms of whatever they listen to, watch, follow these days.

But then there's your rather compelling “ongoing-ness”. I look forward to learning what happened next – even if it turns out to be just another cup of coffee. :–)

> Anyway, those are my thoughts after waking up. Coffee now.

See? ;–)

Anyway, I'm settling into a glass of “Old Rasputin” beer (my apologies if any “liberals” just shit their pants on seeing the word 'putin' in that brand name). 'Tis a favorite I lucked into probably half a decade ago and a really great Mediterranean restaurant this town once had.

Oh my God... so fucking yummy!

I also have my “drinking timer” running. It's something I wisely instituted about half a year ago.. then combination of forgot about and said “fuck it!” to... but I've been paying The Price ever since.

What it is is simply a 90-minute timer on my phone called “drink”. I set it off when I start imbibing a drink. I can't start another one until the timer goes of. (And of course it has to be a reasonable drink – you know, as opposed to a pint glass of straight Jameson... which I'm capable of, by the way...).

I've probably mentioned this before, by my mind continues to resist thinking I'm 59. Even in that previous parenthetical did I want to add something about “which is pretty damned impressive for 49...”....

> maybe you'll find someone special

Had me remembering some old garbage.... ;–)

Kinda curious what the couple mouth/banana-shaped yellow shares are/represent.

> The fact that I just came up with the best blog name in > the world, and it is still avail is pretty awesome. Buying > the .com for it (not, that might be taken, don't > care if it is).

I'm trying to think how many I've had. I'm pretty sure just one that was true vanity. Loved it. Won't mention it. Just in case.

Isn't a world founded upon “one over trust” fun?

So, we got a lot of home stuff done, and thus are poised for a thusly potentially more simplified week.

Partner is off this week. I may take a couple days, it-not-making-me-seem-like-perhaps-one-of-the-first-who-should-be-let-go permitting.

Partner also napping at the moment – or at least pretending to be.

I've tried napping here and there, but it never worked for me the way others report: I generally wind up awakening feeling more drugged than refreshed.

> January 1, 0001 > > This page is missing. > > Are you sure it was ever here?

Number two for this otherwise fine day.

Cool date, though!

> meanwhile, at our house > > ruby the dog, who is visiting

My God, how Walter White jumped to mind upon seeing the first!

> A Brutal Murder, a Wearable Witness, and an Unlikely > Suspect, wherein we learn how data from a FitBit was a key > in charging an elderly man with the murder of his step > daughter, and discover how unreliable that information > can actually be.

Sounds interesting. But I closed the herky-jerky content tab while it was still loading/running God knows what bullshit, already staring at ad for The New Yorker that slid down from above, and another for WIRED itself that mosied up from the bottom, leaving a – literal – midriff of photograph containing a toaster and knife set.

So thank you very much for the summary! (which, truthfully, was probably all I really had time for anyway...)

> How New York’s Bagel Union Fought — and Beat — a > Mafia Takeover, wherein we learn how a group of scrappy, > unionized bagel makers in New York in the 1960s managed to > stave off the advances of the local mob, but which later > folded under the pressures of automation and modernization.

“Automation” and “modernization” being the scapegoats for plain 'ole selfish greed, of course.

> The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run, > wherein we enter the shadowy, and sometimes creepy, > world of numbers stations, discover how they came about, > and that they're still being used today.

Totally miss listening to shortwave radio stations in the 70s!

> I'll just post interesting stuff on this blog, just watch > for it.

It doesn't have to be interesting. It just has to be.

> I expect the price of silver to skyrocket at some point > during this “recession”

Silver? Fuck that noise! Toilet paper's where the real bulls'll be stampedin'! ;–)

> the heresy of personal “truth”

Or, more deeply, the heresy of person(hood), upon which nonsense like “truth” and “falsehood” festers, foments, and fissions – like conceptual viral-nuclear reactions....

Looking forward to going for a walk as soon as a grocery delivery arrives and gets wiped down.

We're also excited about getting into making fermented foodstuff in the near future.