Whenever I'm alone.. with.. blog

> So, when someone says “you see everywhere nowadays” is > not even a legitimate statement in 2021 (or for the past > decade, I am assuming), because “everything” that is > out there (available to see/read/etc.) on the Internet > is not seen/read, because algorithms assume everyone just > wants to see what they, the individual, wants to see. Over > and over again. The same type of stuff. > > Talk about some boring stuff!

It's been that way ever since I can remember in money-making realms.

(But 'money' isn't to blame any more than a blade sunk into another human being is....)

Also does Robert Smith's “it's always the same” come to blog-reading mind.

> I am doing something wrong with the CREATE > TABLE part of this particular MySQL db. I am getting > an error that says different things depending on how I > implement the commands – and I cannot seem to “reverse > engineer” (or solve) what the hell is going on.

See also: the joy of non-digital journals. ;–)

> Sometimes, the single most important thing to do in the > morning is: sit on the couch, with the kitten curled up > on my lap, purring, as I sip my coffee.

Now that sounds like living!

> Why I'm sick of technology

I'm pretty sure I'm a member of your choir that got thusly ill a few years before you.

> As far as I can tell, the root cause is money.

Money in and of itself is innocuous.

Root cause is self-centric people.

Again. And again. And a billion gazillion times again.

> So please, if you are a developer, product manager or even > investor: we need to make a concerted effort to actually > improve quality of life, not add new venues to deliver a > death by 1,000 cuts.

There is no “we” in the great downwardly-spiraling sea of self-centric instantiations of individuality.

> Usually I cannot come up with a good title for a blog post, > but I cannot just not have a title, so I come up with some > BS that has nearly nothing to do with the blog post. It > all works out in the end, though ;)

C'mon dude! How many times must this writer illustrate song lyrics spoofs as titles?

Get busy with titles from your time parlayed into introductions to your blog body text.