What have I done.. to deserve.. such a... blogging fate?

Isn't life wonderful?

My last post led to something a la “can't find file, are you sure it was ever there”... kept trying the returned URL, but it never showed... post didn't show through the api either... kept trying... gave up... tried posting the same again... same deal... but now it's an hour or so later, and the API is showing both posts... of course with different number of reads... so now I look like a real doofus (you know, as opposed to the kind of doofus that merely writes cantakerous blog posts..)... and feel uncompelled to delete one of the posts because of how it'll roughly half the number of reads (which I suppose doesn't really matter...).

I suppose that confusing state of no-idea-wtf-is-going-on makes sense in some sort of mystical “pride cometh before a fall” sense given its content.

Kinda makes me want to rant about the in-idempotency of software, but... ugh... forget it....