What have I done.. to deserve.. such a blog?

> I could go on, and I'm sure you can think of other examples > where you've been hurt by omission. I hope we can all be > more conscious of this, and see if we can't try to improve > our inclusivity in this way as well.

Having concluded genuine, lasting inclusivity is impossible for ego, this former mainstream religion fundamentalist is mostly done expressing significant thoughts in the presence of the cancellation-mob-engendering Woke™ social fundamentalists – whose hyper-judgmental ways – and means – make mainstream religion fundamentalists look like laughably clownish amateurs.

> Turning 6 Years Old

Wow. Congratulations!

Wish I could remember what clued me into this place a couple years ago....

It was snowing a while ago, perhaps a wee little taste of what's to come tonight – a snowfall soft pack, if you will....

Huh... looked up after typing that, and it looks like maybe.. evidence of a 'lil direct sunlight might lead to a photon-ic optical nerve party any moment now?