Well after all the blogs, are in their boxes....

> Been a minute since you stopped in 'round these parts.

Would that it were a New York minute!

> would love to get back into the analog, physical, IRL, > no BS digital format style of thought documentation.

I prefer when it just “happens” way more than when it becomes ongoing thing, which soon enough starts feeling more in the direction of chore/obligation to this here part time pseudo-blogger.

> I am Asexual. Yes, That's a Thing.

Isn't it funny how the phrase “a thing” seems to raise the stakes on an alleged common objectivity, yet all subjective conceptuality contexts remain utterly disconnected regardless the idiocy of a seeming focus of subjectivity therein insisting otherwise?

> In future updates, I will describe more about what I and my > family are doing to unhitch ourselves from this existence > and prepare ourselves for the coming of a new age. It will > be difficult, but it must be done. > > The first step will be to fully kill the capitalist, > consumerist, white colonizer in our heads. Only once we > are freed from that slavery, can we begin the conversation > about what comes next.

Well-written, but the entire article presupposes a preponderance of intelligence in the species that quite simply has likely never existed, let alone in these “it's on a screen or it isn't real” times....