We won't write.as again

> The phone is necessary for a comfortable life. The speakers > I am getting (cheapest pair of Polk Audio on BestBuy) > are NOT necessary for a comfortable life, but I would > be willing to spring $89 for a set of good headphones, > so what is the difference if it is for speakers that I > can actually use with my tube amp?

Gosh.. I had a friend in the late 1970s who possessed some of the best gear of that time. The words 'Harmon Kardon' come to mind. I think that was the amp. Can't remember what brand of speakers or turn-table.

But he was “on the spectrum” (not words I recall being used in those days), so to speak, and thus relatively gosh-danged finicky.

In fact, his bedroom walls were covered in album covers and what I'm vaguely remember being called “pull outs”. There was some Buddhist-ish book whose title I can't remember we'd pour over, doing what he fondly referred to as “yoga breathing” – which was basically hyperventilating. But, well, you had to do what you could as an adolescent in the late 1970s, gas prices being what they suddenly were after being essentially nothing (by comparison) until it was finally our turn to drive.... <waves/winks at Murphy>

He, um... well, maybe I should respect the dead by not relating any stories. But, oh my, he was a handful for the rest of us in public. We were more into drinking coffee than alcohol at that age, maybe a couple cigarettes, and he'd not smoke, but had a real penchant for throwing lit matches at napkins he'd crumpled into the ash tray. And you never knew when he'd suddenly raise his voice in a way that typically silenced a place....

He was into a lot of music, but I'm recalling above average predilection for The Who.