Then I saw <keyboard>.. now I'm a real blogger <keyboard>

> I need to find a video or something to put on in the > background (on YT)

Isn't a video, and prolly not your thang in general, but we get a real kick out of this here Lounge King Radio feed from time to time.

> So, yea, tattoos are fun. I think they look cool. They > more or less fit my personality, I think – plus they > ward off uptight people, lmao!

Well in that (that latter) case I'm going to have to start referring to my posts as “text-realm tattoos”... <coughs>

<a bit later>

Ran off to unload the equipment from the car super-quietly so the other three adults might continue to sleep. Yea, I suppose I could maybe get away with claiming I did it for their good, but in fact I'm dreading having to listen to all the cackling again.

Perhaps the best thing about blogs to me is the possibility of ingesting them at one's optimal listening – i.e. reading – pace, to me in stark contrast to people obviously scarcely listening to each other for being so hell-bent-anxious on impressing others with their whatever. The topics are mostly of the “You're NEVER going to believe THIS!!!!“, with a strong side of “Well, when IIIIIIIIIIII went to Ireland....”

<next day>

> “Through the abandonment of desire, the deathless state > is realized.” – Buddhism. Samyutta Nikaya xlvii 37

Fascinating. So maybe “desire” the energy binding the appearance of a self (“I”) to appearance of other-than-that-self (“want”)... and since said self had a (purely conceptual) birth, so must it die....?

(just a little typing out loud, there)

(hmmm... could have sworn I typed about some things that happened last night, but not finding evidence thereof anywhere..)

Great time at the beach yesterday afternoon, in the water thrice, children an absolute blast to watch, everyone getting along just fine, as though sand remedies the diversity-challenged, 'n shit.

Then it was a favorite bar/restaurant, fun people watching, chatting with a few... fantastic “relations” just before going dead unto the world....