Wow, where can I find a blog where everyone thinks and communicates like this?

The author's closing statements are quite the excellent summary:

By satisfying the mob today, we are sacrificing our future. That’s the real risk.

I'm tired of hideous self-righteous fundamentalism too.

I'm actually even more disturbed by the self-righteous fundamentalism of the so-called “left” than of the age-old insanity to be expected of the so-called “right”, because I thought those on the left were more intelligent, more the adult-in-the-room, more forgiving of wider ranges of behavior (e.g. beyond what something like “the ten commandments” proscribes) – to wit (and in the modern vernacular) more “woke”.

At least, that's what they've seemed to claim my entire life.

Turns out they're similarly pathetic when it comes to needing to signal their righteousness.

But it's even worse than merely that, seemingly clamoring to see – as though perhaps a contest – who can murmur the progressively (haha) most strident judgement, condemnation, etc.

Let me put this another way.

Most of my life I've witnessed “progressives” correctly (to my way of thinking) make fun of “conservatives” for being repressed ninnies. But if I were dropped on this planet without knowing that, I'd think “progressives” were the tribe with bigger and more searing iron sticks up their asses regarding the thoughts/behaviors of others. Their self-righteous signalling stream seems a tsunami of “IF YOU THINK THE SINNER YOU JUST HIGHLIGHTED IS SOMETHING, GET A LOAD OF THE COMPLETE AND TOTAL REPROBATE APOSTATE INFIDEL I JUST SPENT SEVERAL HOURS DIGGING UP DECADE-OLD DIRT ON!!!”

I'm just astounded the “woke” generally disfavor capital punishment, yet have no problem at all – yea, it actually seems to be a way of increasing one's stature in said tribe – essentially ending the lives of known-in-advance-to-be imperfect beings....