The blur of the bootstraps

Thanks to bleak and pretty for this solid, general purpose approach to life:

there's many things to do. being depressed shouldn't be one of those.

Definitely enjoying the sudden five post gust of Contemplations of the Ghostlike wind.

As for the self-mutilation also known as coding, scripted scaffolding seems the only feedback-loops I've found consistently useful.

To me coding is the ultimate mirror of human reality tunneling tendencies. I don't know how many times I've convinced myself I understood a design and/or implementation to the point of not even looking at something as possibly being the source of a bug, only to later have to surmount my own beliefs about what could/couldn't possibly go wrong (for it being what might be called “too solid to fail”) to finally discover a glaring mistake/exception that manifests only in one or more state contexts I couldn't have imagined in the past.

Indeed, the impossible – relative to preconceived notions of what is/isn't possible – happens in coding all the time!