Sittin' in a v-i buh-huh-fer, one post over the line

> I must not be a bad player in my own game. > > I know the rules. > > I know how to play.

Sounds like the game of loneli... I mean blogging.

> And that is what it comes down to, I would say – the > Internet exists (like TV exists, or gambling exists, > or cigarettes exist), and it is up to the individual how > they will approach it (the WWW). Is it some draw-you-in > “virtual substance” that numbs you and makes life > suck? Or is it a miraculous tool that can alter lives and > livelihoods and be a point of leverage for the quality of > life I, you, anyone can live?

It's pretending to be doing something other/more than staring at a screen while staring at a screen.

> Anyway, it is now midnight, 9.11.2021 – the 20 year > anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and I still > remember where I was when they happened (huddled in a > classroom at Northwest High School where we saw the second > plane hit on live TV). Devastating day, a lot of emotional > trauma. Sad, indeed.

Somewhat fitting, I was in the bathroom occupied with the larger of the two numbers.

<days later>

We went to a concert I – 25 years or so ago – never could have guessed I'd eventually attend. Great music.

Pretty much all the rest? Automatons running into automatons. Not unlike the classroom. But drinking.

But I'm happy for the musicians that laughed all the way to the bank amidst said clank clank clank.

Didn't sleep well. Just not used to being so revved up, so seemingly perpetually on the verge of being violated.

But then Mind Only comes to mind.