Send in the clowns

Be it foolishness or foolishness, this clown's for you!

For example:

One effective strategy can be prioritizing body language over symbolic communication. Processing is significantly faster, signalling occurring at many times the rate of the symbolic mind – who in turns labels the activity unconscious, perhaps out of spite.

Dang, I need to keep that in mind, because I'm perpetually frustrated with word communication feeling like lumbering sludge on a having-just-been-ghosted hangover.

It does take some practice, and signalling with high bandwidth through body language requires a good mind-body connection, typically achieved through strenuous work or physical exercise. Use it if available, as it is practically unbeatable.


Clown because you have to, not because you feel a need.


Eventually you may look back, or not, and discover that there were clowns helping you all along. Clowns in the attic, clowns in the mailbox, clowns even in the mind-body connection and the introverted extrovert.

That's a clown-load of clown!

Everyone's a clown.

<hits the body language pump with silent nods and air claps>

And is it just me, or has “self” suddenly become a warm(er) topic?

I decided I was far the fuck too conceited in the past several years on the WWW so that is ch aging starting Now! No more “I, I, I” bullshit. I wanna talk about things. Ideas. Concepts int he abstract. Things gotta be different.

To me it's a rather all or nothing proposition, because the very fact of a post – no matter how me/I-less – implies a past belief of sufficient seemingly-realness to have led the madness also known as me/I to writhe about texturally, and “work the controls” causing general availability of said textural froth.

In other words, it takes but a molecule of believing this world is anything but a dream to suddenly be in the agonizing throes of me-hood.