, there is a blogger showing photographs.. of every post they've had the pleasure to-hoo read

Back from our walk. Windy. Chilly, but not to the point of cold. I had to remove my too-warm of a coat on the way back, as sweat glands were makin' some noise.

So now a small lunch between blog-altering keystroke: leftover salad and pizza from last night's delivery.

> I have no idea what happened when Chapter 6 came out > that made it the second most popular page on my little > story site.

Oh, those pesky site-scanning bots with their impossible to fathom predilections!

> So that's what I am trying to do today, to do right > now. I am showing up and doing the difficult deep > work. The resistance wants me to waste time surfing > Youtube, scrolling through Facebook, answering emails, > or some other distraction. The resistance wants the easy > path. But the opposite must be done despite the feelings.

Are you sure? ;–)

Mmmm, that lunch was good!

Feeling bundles of said resistance now, though. Digestion. The distraction of evergreen branches blowing wildly outside the window. Hidden (well, until now..) wishes the couple places I visit online were more active. Feeling super philosophically chit-chatty, desirous of theory volleying.

But there's nobody. The universe conspires to have us in incompatible moods one moment to the next. “You say 'yes', I say 'no'.”

And how.