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Slowly climbing the looper pedal curve. I've had it for a while, but there's a lot that can go wrong. 'Tis a three channel, so it's actually more like six pedals for record/play, plus the main volume pedal, so you lay down rhythm sections while singing, then combine them for soloing. Makes songs that much more interesting while sparing the vocal chords. But that increases the chances of disaster if not communicating with the partner on when sections are replayed.

It was one of those online days where it seemed as though the best parts of the internet (email and had died, as correspondents had either nothing to say or insufficient time to say, and seemed rather dead most of the day (in this timezone).

I'm hoping for that be slowly become less meaningful, what with having relocated the office to where the musical equipment lives, hopefully diverting my slowly degenerating attention that direction, including my beloved song spoofs.

Totally with ya, Here Is Distant Is Distant on Sober Thoughts.

Not at all related except for the air being chewy humid today, but we rearranged both the living room and where the home offices are. That was after a work day that included taking some free advice from an HVAC guy (is it okay to type “guy”? or should I have typed “person”? last thing I need is a moderator-imploring firestorm..) that had the central air working for about four hours, but then fizzling back to putting out nothing but warmth. I sprayed that motherfucker with the garden hose inside and out, fetched leaves an less identifiable objects from the depths of the within.

And now the back deck, typing with a Marlboro red in the right hand, listening to “Take The Long Way Home”, oh my fucking God from the year of high school graduation.

Wish y'all could see the backyard my beautiful partner has created.

So there's all this outrage about recent shootings. Lots of ire the direction of 8chan, Cloudflare, the NRA, Trump's alleged incitement(s), video games' alleged incitement(s), psych-drugs alleged role(s)...

(What am I missing? Oh, dear.. right.. everyone's favorite social whipping post these days: WHITE MALES.)

And there's no doubt those are whackable moles.

But – as the reference to a favorite human procrastinatory game suggests – none of those are root cause.

Root cause is <drum roll> raising shitty human beings. <cymbal crash>

See how simple?

Well, simple to say, but a hard thing to address. Possibly the hardest thing.

Which is probably why so many people opt out of raising quality human beings (or aiding/abetting that task) by opting into whacking moles with their outrage mallet instead.

Super fun performance at a private party. We were quite on, gauged the tunes relevant to age range well. Grant it, I forgot a cable for having tried organizing cables for our disparate systems earlier today, and clearly not thinking things all the way through. But it wasn't super far from home, so no harm.

Meanwhile, were I to gauge the species by news headlines (FWIW: I scrape aspects of, and work the API a bit), I'd be more than a little happier that I'm closer to the end than the beginning.

(Pulled off a danged good version of ELP's “From The Beginning” tonight, BTW.)

This next manhattan soon on the way will hopefully deliver the knockout punch.

The central air is on the fritz, so had to install a window unit, which is fine for this moderate heat (~85F). Have to get some HVAC people over this coming week.

Yesterday's performance was a blast, but we've a private party outdoors tonight that I'm wishing we didn't. “This too shall pass” applies/comforts in the usual way, but there are times like this I wish I could make like a time lord and leverage a time domain setjmp().

The areas under my eyes are feeling rather itchy today.

It didn't help that I dropped a messy spicy chicken wing on my shirt a little while ago. I'm still trying to decide whether memory loss or klutziness is the worse of the two aging maladies. Not that it matters when increasingly afflicted by both, of course.

Totally enjoyed The Stoic's thorough exploration of the internet finding its way into a hellish hand-basket.

Of course, I just so happen to have an opinion on root causes.

To me it's pretty simple: “shit” is what tends to happen whenever the majority in a human herd context consists of lesser (if at all) intelligent and/or creative beings.

(My tendency is to want to call them “imbeciles”. But that's just the stuck-up ego prick within speaking.)

I think what it really is is that egos of varying textural skills experience considerable frustration attempting to interact/play with those of textural skills not sufficiently similar to their own, complicated by the fact that all are using the same textural symbols, but (of course) associated with private, subjective meanings. And since those interacting are essentially loci of self-centered-ness (ego), of course there's going to be a problem (and not restricted to the city limits of Houston, I might add..).

I think the unfolding of that in/on the internet was increasingly enabled by software developer types progressively lowering the bar of access to hoards of the lesser textually (not to mention otherwise) skilled, thus increasing the chances of shit “happening”, “hitting fan blades”, and so on.

Something similar happens “in real life”: I think we call it “war”.

So it's really nothing new.

Now, I'd rather that people of all internet-game skill levels could play happily together. But that would require having first addressed the main underlying bug in personal systems, namely ego “taking things personally” – and, therein, getting caught up in varieties of blinding inner re-presentation (of reality) loops.

But there's a vicious cycle to be broken in that, namely that ego is firmly convinced it's “right”, that only other egos “have a problem” (to be fixed), and thus remain unmotivated to seek help – help that, in fact, would have ego pulling its own carpet out from under its “self”.

If you know what I mean.

Really loved “The universe inside you”, to me chocked full of hints in the direction of the notion of “Mind Only” in The Lankavatara Sutra.

I also enjoyed Bored Sofia's repurposing of the notion of black holes, although to me ego is the heart of the black hole voids she refers to.

tmo continues to deliver what seems like the purest form of blogging to me. I'm envious, but just don't think I could pull off such well-written glimpses into the ongoingness of my life.

Finally, I'm especially happy to have received further confirmation of the intelligence behind this place.

I'm more than a little surprised your gentle but firm reminder was vague on who you felt crossed the line. In that context, my sense of “better safe than sorry” has me wondering whether I'm that close to the line in general that you'll cancel me for something I can't even imagine.

To my way of thinking, if you're not going to moderate to the point of swiftly deleting anonymous posts that start such volleys, then it's reasonable for those being sullied to respond as creatively/sarcastically/unprofanely as possible.

In fact, I thought my responses to the profane characterization of my posts rose to the level of satire.

Also, how is it that commenting thusly on an anonymous post constitutes a personal attack? What “person” is there in the anonymous case? Seems to me that someone too cowardly to stand behind their attacks ought to be excoriated – preferably as creatively as possible.

I could be wrong, or simply don't get what you're trying to accomplish, but to me it's not reasonable to be expecting people to sit idly by when being attacked anonymously. Either such posts are proactively and quickly removed, or those being attacked need to be able to point out the ridiculousness of the attack-laden claims to hopefully discourage such posts in the absence of a more robust moderation.

“Inquiry” does empathize with Sober Thoughts' recent dissonant text-to-speech experience, whose refund offer makes them a much better nauseating content provider than “Inquiry”.

However, “Inquiry” would like to make it abundantly clear that “Inquiry” will be providing no refunds for readers running roughshod over their own content sensibilities despite knowing in advance whose posts are most likely to induce a cognitive revulsion of the can't-help-but-respond-pathetically kind.

In fact, “Inquiry” tends to believe such evidence of absence of self-control deserves heaping helpings of more of the same until the lesson is finally learned.

However, “Inquiry” will certainly welcome “@ person” to “Inquiry” posts thanking “Inquiry” for having done authors of such so great a personal growth favor.

This expert on the alleged power of “@ people” wrote something that got me to thinking:

Or at the very least don't @ people and make things personal

I disagree than an “@ people” is what necessarily makes a post personal to the point of the referent falling to the ground in a gurgling pool of local hysteria.

Rather, what makes something personal is someone taking it personally.

I suspect the data over all online time shows that exactly the same sort of “@ people” post to different people has different results, suggesting it's not “@ people” leading to localized meltdowns, but the immaturity of the people on the receiving end leading to a tight while-loop of this nature:

while (true) {