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Can't help but laugh this morning.

And laugh. And laugh. And laugh.


That the local variable also known as the-idea-of-me could ever imagine affecting anything outside the scope in which it's defined.

Including its own metadata....

Enlightenment isn't something a local variable – aka self/person/individual – can attain unto. Rather, it's an im-mediate (i.e. not mediated by defining local scope phenomena) letting go of local scope altogether, i.e. realizing said local scope is but a transient dream to begin with.

Essentially: one stack pop and, “Poof! It (i.e. defining local scope) was gawwwwwwwn!”.

The local variable is “in the world”, aka its defining local scope.

But This (see also: “I Am That I Am”) which seemingly gives rise unto defining local scopes obviously couldn't be “of the world”, i.e. of any such defining local scope.

Let it – i.e. the local variable (aka “you”) mostly flailing against its defining local scope (aka the world) – GO GO GO!

> I should write an e-book about this. Maybe?

And increase the overall amount of 'e' people are already drowning in? ;–)

> I notice that I essentially visit the same three Websites > all the time on the Internet

'Tis definitely a realm in which less is more.

Back from our walk. Windy. Chilly, but not to the point of cold. I had to remove my too-warm of a coat on the way back, as sweat glands were makin' some noise.

So now a small lunch between blog-altering keystroke: leftover salad and pizza from last night's delivery.

> I have no idea what happened when Chapter 6 came out > that made it the second most popular page on my little > story site.

Oh, those pesky site-scanning bots with their impossible to fathom predilections!

> So that's what I am trying to do today, to do right > now. I am showing up and doing the difficult deep > work. The resistance wants me to waste time surfing > Youtube, scrolling through Facebook, answering emails, > or some other distraction. The resistance wants the easy > path. But the opposite must be done despite the feelings.

Are you sure? ;–)

Mmmm, that lunch was good!

Feeling bundles of said resistance now, though. Digestion. The distraction of evergreen branches blowing wildly outside the window. Hidden (well, until now..) wishes the couple places I visit online were more active. Feeling super philosophically chit-chatty, desirous of theory volleying.

But there's nobody. The universe conspires to have us in incompatible moods one moment to the next. “You say 'yes', I say 'no'.”

And how.

> I also hadn't thought of the solo Ambient Black Metal > project I have been working on and tweaking for the past > three years. I have loads of lyrics written, some sonic > ideas, etc., but I haven't recorded a single note. Now, > with GarageBand, I likely could do that. More than likely > I would use a Midi keyboard as the input. So, I will > definitely do this in time. That isn't to say I will know > what the hell I am doing, but I CAN do this ;)

Oooh! Definitely looking forward to!

Kinda makes me wish I could share the song spoofs I've recorded over the years... but methinks they kind of give a way a bit too much real identity. It bothers the hell out of me I have to think that way, but I've been on somewhat stalked/doxxed before, so. I mean, if you can try to imagine others possibly concluding I'm annoying.... ;–)

I also recorded/produce an entire CD of mostly original material, wow, back in the 1990s on a 16-track machine I had back then. Things weren't nearly as easy then. But I prevailed, and it holds a special place in my heart, especially for the lyrics often being so “well-concealed autobiographical” to me – as in I know what they refer to, but others probably wouldn't.

(I still have that machine, BTW... it has a kind of clunky – i.e. something you can actually hear operating/spinning – hard drive in it. Can't imagine turning that baby on again. But maybe I'll actually live to retire someday, and finally have time for such re-visitations.)

The latest work meeting went sorta maybe kinda well. One of the three is easily the most “heart worn on the sleeve” of us, which can get a little annoying, given how easily it is to misinterpret passionate opinion expression as judgement – especially what it has (or is merely easy to imagine it having..) an accompanying “What the fuck kind of idiot are you, anyway?” tone.

But, whatever. We're a bit more in sync, and I'm better remembering why we made some of the decisions we did on the topic half a year ago.

> For Web development, the right tools are the ones you > have, as with anything in life. But when I was stranded > on a Chrome OS device (with Intel Celeron Inside), it was > simply not going to cut it for what I needed to do. So, > when the Celeron processor began to slow,

I dunno. Maybe you had a super old Chrome OS situation, e.g. getting to The Linux required the past, somewhat clunky chroot path to it.. but in my mind you could easily have done web development therein. Maybe I just never got deeply enough into it, but I'm not sure what it is about web development that could ever be CPU intensive, except maybe some automated tests....?

> There are two types of crime that everyone knows or should > know (presuming that one does not know already).

“Democrat” and “Republican”....?

> A misdemeanor is crime which is not as serious as a felony.

Heart Woody Allen's “Crimes and Misdemeanors”!

Eating and typing a bit between work meetings, here. Really going to miss the chili I've been working on the last several days.

Gosh, last night was a blast.

After after work, a brief walk together in some serious winter-grade chill. Then a few more bathroom rennovation subtasks. Then dinner. Then a few more subtasks. Then three hits off a joint from a legal shoppe purchased sometime in the summer.

And holy fucking shit did the fabric of reality itself suddenly do a little dance, make a little love, and get holy fuck tonight, get holy fuck tonight.

After that, such a fun time reading mystical shit, addressing munchies, and some rather barn-burning, ummm... relations en route to paying the sandman his due.


The renovations were rather low-grade compared to the real, previously gnawed meat of said matter. But it was all the gas I had left in the thank. So there was the stick-on floor trim, a new shower curtain holder, and one of those metal separators one nails in between carpeted and uncarpeted areas.

Just kind of typing my way through one of those pre-meeting work dead zones. I'm the host, quite prepared, and thus really want to get on with it. I'm soooo not good at waiting.

It occurs to me maybe that's a huge, subconscious motivation to blog for me?

And not that it's always work-related. Anyone with a significant other knows how half-of-forever they can be/seem about getting/being ready for a couples activity. So I think it's rather often the majority of the tongues of fire licking the underside of my what-to-do-next pot are of “when in doubt, write a post” ilk.

I get a sorrowful kick out of tuning into most people when they're discussing/theorizing/pontificating on the theme of “our” system.


Because the vast majority seem utterly clueless to the fact that we're it. Period. No matter how badly anyone wants to believe there is, could, or should be some “independent” authority, oversight group, etc., in any/every case such would be comprised of us.

Therefore, the details of whatever “our” system might be are all but irrelevant relative to the integral of the quality of behavior of those comprising it. Enough lying, cheating pieces of shit outweigh/override/trump “system”, because only the inverse of such could actually wind up being a system – as opposed to everyone mostly doing their own self-centered thing, even (yea, especially) if/when putting on the best appearances of not doing their own self-centered thing.

'Tis “we the people”, not “us the woke, and they the unwoke”.

The solution isn't The Right System™. Quite rather, it's raising human beings whose default behavior is such that there's no need for a system to begin with.

In my view, almost all focus on who is “right” about The Right System™ is – regardless how well-intentioned and/or passionate – little more than an excuse to do said real work, the neglecting of which absolutely guarantees entropy wins....

> Still off of the news. My brain has gone back to > pre-election results normalcy. There were 3 or 4 days there > that I kept up with this or that, and all of it made me > feel some unexplainable level of horrendous.

Same. And for me, the horrendous tends in the direction of chest-beating alpha-verbal, with heavy emphasis on looking down at others.

But, of course, it doesn't seem/feel that way in the cloud of relative self-righteousness. It seems more as though doing others a favor. Not a good place.

> As I go forward on this path of... “more normalcy”? (or > in other words, reclaiming my pre-social brian / developing > a post (social) media mindset), I think of what I might > have gotten done in the past decade had it not been for > notifications and trash content vying for my attention > 24/7.

I'd have to leave this as well, because I can definitely get obsessive about it.

I mostly connect “normalcy” to much younger days, long before devices that increased contact with others. I really didn't need to know what others thought – or, worse yet, how what they called thought was, well... basically not more than a nanometre above parroting what they imagined improved their standing relative to being “with it”. Like with “memes”, these days. Or in times past, phrases from SNL. And so on.

Oh, and hey... and FWIW.. this be <slowly crescendoing drum roll> Inquiry's 1500th post! <cymbal crash>

> This leads me to thinking that this might be a better way > to pass down my journal entries to my kids. Plain text > files should hopefully outlive me. I don't have to do it > through an online journal or a blog. I can just pass off > my collection of text files to them.


The key to really opening up text's possibilities is to be rigorous about structural regularity, because then one can easily write transformative code to push the text varieties of meta-container directions. And it doesn't have to be as rigorous as, say, XML. But if, for example, your content has titles, then, by golly, always do them the same way (e.g. first line unto itself). And maybe the last line is something. Or maybe you always preface non-content lines (e.g. containing metadata) with the same character string (e.g. “===”).

Or whatever it is.

But be rigorous about it. Machines love rigor. And as simple as possible, because machines love simplicity too.

Exceptions are your enemy in said game.