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Preparations are underway for my move from to

The more things change, et. al.

That said, I'll be keeping my eye on the public reader feed here, since there are some interesting people coming through

I'm trying to remember how I became aware of but can't. It was most likely something that popped out at me while looking at the selection menu presented by my scraper, e.g.:

1) (fhackernews)
Mux (YC W16) is hiring across the board to build the future of online video

2) (fhackernews)
Most Massive Neutron Star Ever Detected, Almost Too Massive to Exist

3) (fhackernews)
Where you are born is more predictive of your future than any other factor

4) (fhackernews)
Richard Stallman Resigns from the FSF after Epstein Comments

5) (fhackernews)
What it was like to fly the baddest airplane the world has ever known

6) (fhackernews)
Realtime Surveillance Will Test the British Tolerance for Cameras

7) (fhackernews)
Gary Larson's the Far Side: Uncommon, Unreal, and (Soon-to-Be) Unfrozen

8) (fhackernews)
Richard Stallman Resigns as FSF President

9) (fhackernews)
Ribbon (YC S17) is hiring data engineers who love making messy data useful

Wow. People getting worked about Richard Stallman. Fancy that...

(I actually had brief email interaction with him over a song spoof I recorded, whose title and lyrics featured the word “gnu” – so, of course...)

Gosh, I wish I could write more personally like this.

Ok. That's enough. I'll write more later.

I do hope so.

And a whole lotta ditto on here as well.

He's not wrong that “90% of the game back then was showing up” and I think perhaps also is not wrong that “the scarcity now is resist the urge to instantly engage”. There's plenty of room for both, but for me the trick is going to be “showing up” without worrying about whether or not anyone is here reading this.

It's really easy, actually: simply assume nobody is reading, such that it's gravy if anyone is.

If one can't do that, I suppose one might benefit from remembering blogs are the consequence of thinking, which is arguably a biological illness – for example, if you compare the planetary-destruction-prowess of animals that can with those that seemingly can't.

It might also help to remember that everyone has utterly private meanings of words that occasionally sorta maybe kinda possibly somewhat align at random times, so that if others are reading your posts, it's pretty much a guarantee that what it means to them is quite different than what it means to you – i.e. what you intended to communicate.

But, anyway, that's all minor, unimportant stuff. The main thing is that those providing the means can earn a living from it, regardless the misunderstanding and/or quashed attention dreams careening from the intersection of writers and readers therein/thereof.

“Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products”

What is that?

I mean, doesn't it go without saying that a company is going to do things likely and mostly to benefit its bottom line more than the bottom lines of others?

So, again, what is that title?

To me it reeks of tattle-tale-ish David-summoning-all-other-David's – probably with “I reported it first! Me! Me! I reported it first! And <trembling>, ohmygosh, I'm starting a whole new super-woke movement, here! Me! Yes, Me!” drool pouring off the bottom of their chin like Niagara – to bring down the big bad Goliath that is, um.... is doing exactly what anyone else would do for their business?

Matthew 6:19-21 King James Version (KJV):

19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.

20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Note the following mapping to understand how the title connects with the above quote:

  • earth == the cloud
  • heaven == one's own memory

So we have what is.

Then we have what we think about what is.

And the only problem is when we think that “what we think is” is “what is”, thereby obscuring “what is” with “what we think is”.

Nothing to it, Dorothy!

Perhaps that's it.

I'm talking about no less than the root of “Murphy's Law”.

It just might be one's own non-acceptance of the moment as it is personified.

It might also explain the sense that “no good deed goes unpunished”.

And perhaps other expressions of popular “wisdom”?

Escape from – i.e. non-acceptances of – the moment as it is.. is but a – one might even say the – dream.

Of course, it's hard to say for sure when the very epicenter of bias is making the call.

Before the above “arrived”, I was playing a couple hands of this crazy two-deck solitaire game my sister became aware of in college, and subsequently infected my dad an brother with. And what was mostly coming to mind was how “it's all a sort of billiard balls solitaire”, by which I mean no amount of “coming together” (e.g. language, “the internet”) can – in minds – surmount self-notions premised upon being separate selves.

No matter how clever the “coming together” mechanisms, the self-maintaining notion of being separate reigns supreme in its lonely kingdom.

In that sense, blogs are pretty much peak hilarity examples: that, for the most part, they're anything but agents of “coming together” despite having their being in arguably the most robust “coming together” environment/realm those imagining the world have ever seemingly seen.

The problem is likely much deeper than getting the likes of HTML et. al. “right”.

So much for the great and powerful “full stack”....

“One of the things about being an early adopter to the social web means that people noticed you, back when there were fewer people to notice,” writes Sameer Vasta. “Having a blog twenty years ago meant people read what I wrote, and wanted me to write more.” He says this in the context of “being okay with fading slowly into the blur of the background”, something with which I've struggled maybe more than he has.

Curing one's addiction to the attention of others addresses the arguably deluding attentive highs and blurrific lows. It's even got one covered betwixt!

I'm not one of those who “say their lives peaked in high school, or in college” but I'm also not convinced “life gets better as the years go on”. Life just seems to be life, I don't seem to have anything to contribute the way I once did, that admittedly bothers me, and meanwhile I swear that my body began slowly failing piece by piece about three years ago. This all, I guess, is an example of one's mileage may vary.

“Mind” seems to be mostly a Petri dish for coddling non-acceptance of the moment as it is.

Elsewhere.. dang, tmo, this is beautifully optimistic.

A drizzly, shadowy-hushed day. Could get bummed about it. But don't have to. If what is is, how does thinking negatively about it benefit anyone, let alone me? It just plain is – and is(ness) is all there is to it.

Super relaxing day that's now ankle deep in dusk. Didn't put pants on until these pajama bottoms an hour ago. A couple stints on the treadmill, a couple different solitaire games, a couple Eckhart Tolle audios on YouTube, finishing off leftovers, one eye on, a few emails with friends.

One included photos from a recent class reunion gather in which they were granted access to the old high school building, so Memory Lane delight.

(The sky is faintly blue at this point, tiny little bit of orange hue over where the sun set.)

(Probably shouldn't be finishing off this pack of smokes, but they're just too expensive to let go to waste.)

Part of me is thinking (ha) that blogging reinforces thinking, which is arguably The Root of The Problem of ignoring the simple truth of consciousness/presence by way of the overlay of “mind”.

      |      thoughts disappear      |
      |      in the acceptance       |
      |        of this moment        |
      |           as it is           |
      |                              |
      |     for mind is simply a     |
      |  tangled, möbius ouroboros   |
      | of compulsive non-acceptance |
      |   of this moment as it is    |
      |    beginning with an "I"     |
      |      apart from "not-I"      |

“im scared. really scared” brought to mind this wonderful tune by a master.

Oh, man, is this from Niklas Anderson ever right up my alley!

Yet there's more:

I apologize if you have found this blog. I occasionally write here, but I do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by me writing here.

I, for one, look forward to whatever textural bricks you loft.

And even more!

Some insightful, self satisfying idea that calms the god damn demons that flicker like flies inside your brain.

Ignorance/absence of mind is bliss!

Anyway, just kind of lumbering through yet another work-from-home day.

Partner will depart late afternoon for a weekend with offspring.

It will be good to be fully me again.