Oooh, baby baby it's a wild blog <guitar>

So, hey wow, how ya been?

Super duper amazing day. Description literally (ha ha) wouldn't do justice to it.

Likewise, your reading this couldn't possibly rise to the level of your not staring zombotically at a screen.


> I go somewhere, do something, get into such and such > activity, and I completely forget to write anything > throughout the day. I think I put up a blog post when > I woke up this morning (and some other BS micro rant > after that (now deleted)), but what I am saying is: if I > have anything else going on, even if it is just sitting > outside in the fresh air, then I usually opt for doing > that instead of writing, or even picking up my laptop. I > doing other things too much to be persuaded > to use tech, lol!

Talk about great post timing relative to what I wrote above! ;–)

> Ever hear the old maxim that “radio DJ's became radio > DJ's because they love the sound of their own voice”? I > feel that could be a parable about me and my (self-imposed) > daily writing activities. Maybe I just like the “tone” > (if I could call it that?) of my own prose?

Well, I just so happen to like it too. :–) I'd also add “pacing” to “tone” – both within individual posts, and between them. I dare say I could set my blogging watch by it.

> I implore anyone/everyone to give journaling a go – it's > fxxxing amazing!

This weeked we hit a winery armed with paper/pencils/pens, and I finally got back with the kind of journaling I really enjoy: a mix of drawing, thoughts, squiggles, and paragraphs. Throw it on the stack (need to remember to consolidate the stacks one of these days..), forget about it, hopefully smile and grin a bit somewhere down the road as it maybe jogs free bits 'o memory.

I'm liking how that method results in a little for a lot of effort, but it's rather concentrated quality. Also, the “lot of effort” part implies significant time relative to how quickly I can knock out something like this. It's enough of an effort that I probably don't want to do another right away – in contrast with blogging, where I could write endlessly, therein often swallowed by my own familiarity-bred contempt.

> Isolation


Still loving the power and brevity of this:

"abide in awareness
with no illusion of person
you will be instantly free and at peace"