One two three,, four,, blog

> Thoughts don't always need to travel across a network > of bits. Sometimes thoughts just need to travel across a > network of graphite indentations on tree pulp. That analog > act alone can be enough.

And then there's the pinnacle enoughness of the absence of thought(s)....

> So this entry exists.. and If you’re reading this, > I am grateful.

Yep. Nothin' easy about getting read anymore, one tiny little voice in a sea of attention desperation. Yep.

> in many ways i think people are being played like musical > instruments, and it’s really not fun to watch.

How about to listen?

> Just remember: the virus itself is so much worse.

Says who? “News” media that'll make up anything to sell advertising? Politicians that'll make up anything to get elected? Others who've gotten it, but their “reasons” are disconcertingly similar to mere faith?

Given believing any such for-shit sources has generally led to outcomes of lesser quality than when acting from gut/experience, I think I'll take my chances....