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> it does reduce global entropy

It occurs to me entropy might describe dangerously low levels of attention to a place/system, such that it just kinda slowly dis-integrates to what we metaphorically call “hell”.

> Next stop Can Tho. You know you wanna read. So come on > back 😎.

I'll be there – quite possibly with that song in mind to boot.

> ever get tired of debugging software and go into the > database to see what it's actually committing instead for > a path?

Seemingly all day, every day.

> – as observed from the new epoch

Love that.

> You put something out there, and either people respond or > they don't. Kinda like real life.

But as I was kind of hinting above, to me it's far more depressing in real life, where I can hardly get a word in edgewise for all the incessant yapping – not to mention being able to visually see others are thinking only about what they're going to say next – instead of, say, what I'm (thus) wasting my breath telling them. Worse yet, the very next words out of their incessant mouths tend to confirm they paid zero attention, yet hope to receive infinite.

It's just....

I'm not going to miss this fucking world at all....

> Thinking about life tonight. How my life has been > a shortcoming, continues to be a shortcoming. For > myself. I lack in many ways, and the most painstaking > part of it is; it is a “reap what you sew” type of > scenario. I chose this path over a decade and a half ago, > in my early-twenties. I was lost, confused, panicked, and > weak – I was in no position to make large life choices > for myself.

I've done things that make your shortcoming(s) look pretty tame/mild. All one can do is make the most/best of here and now.

> I’ve been using vi/vim for close to twenty years now

This here vim lover felt even more love when discovering the Vimium Chrome extension. (FWIW: the Vimium github site)

> angry post: deleted

Aw, shucks!

> I follow a minimalist way of life for a few > reasons. Ridding myself of unnecessary possessions > and clutter makes room for more time, more space, more > opportunity to play my game, to connect, to teach, to push > my music out into the world, in the hope that it may touch > lives, in the deep hope that when I leave this world, that > I would have given more than I would have taken from it.

I occasionally try nudging my wife more that direction, mainly because she too often can't see more-thing-than-she-could-humanly-attend-to as having such potential for generating frustration/anxiety.



> I have in the past expressed the view that > multi-culturalism is a failed experiment perpetrated on > society. Mass immigration has simply allowed the import > of religious intolerance and cultural beliefs that have > no place in western society. > > When will our leaders acknowledge their is a problem?

I suspect never because it seems one can't get elected with any more than skin-color-deep understanding anymore.