Oh.. but I read her so sadly... How.. can I tell her I blog here?

> I've often thought of depression as an addiction to > feeling miserable

Interesting theory.

> I need to forge some kind of outside connection with the > outside world, but I haven't the faintest idea how.

It's going to sound cliché as fuck, but how about perpetually connecting to your immediate surroundings – aka the here/now hand you were dealt – to the point of forgetting to dream of better hands?

Not to think about said surroundings, i.e. not figure out, explain, find meaning in, etc.

But, rather, to simply marvel in the multi-sensory spectacle, blissfully ignorant of what any of it “is”, means, how it works, etc.

I get the feeling writers are especially prone to the affliction of being other than here/now, because a search for words seems a search for meaning and explanation, which essentially kill the joy of merely witnessing the immediate (i.e. not mediated – especially by words..) spectacle.

Words are fucking impostors distracting from the sheerly joyful unexplained spectacle....

(he says, once again motherfucking wording (his life?) away....)

> Anyway, I think I am going to turn off all notifications > now.

Welcome to paradise! ;–)

> therapy session: complete! > > Won't go into all the details of what was discussed


> if the network offers a way to get paid, what do you have > to offer that's valuable enough? do you need a different > voice here? are you going to just word-vomit something and > press “Post”? are you just going to react to content > that's already out there? is a “like” the biggest mark > you can make in this new space to get off the ground? or > can you have a real conversation, maybe with someone you'd > really love to talk to? is there something to do besides > produce and consume “content”? is there actually > anything of value in this new place?

Word-vomit something and press “Post”. :–)

> She’s super groovy

Wait a second... not merely groovy, but super groovy?

Oh my!