Nodding in the direction of the hump in the throat of the days of the week

> That is to say this, blogging. It isn’t addictive.

Oh? So then why do my keyboard chicklets feel like used syringe tips while typing this? ;–)

> .::DEFCON 201 Meet Up — February 2020 — Hackers Lonely > Hearts Club::.

Oh, man.. that sounds sooooo cool. So wish I were enough a participant for it to make sense to attend... but, alas, I barely have time for what I'm already doing in life. But the thought of it: oooh, chills!

> I Do Not Belong Here

I keyboardly beg to differ – especially if “here” means “”....

(NOTE: there was no evidence it did.. it's just those words seemed the least metaphoric of the post, and thus most arguable....)

> In the end, the feeling of being stalked has prompted me > to commit to stalker-free social networks like MeWe. While > this is not a solution for everyone, for some like myself > who does not have the expertise to set up a self-hosted > instance of Friendica, Diaspora or Pixelfed, MeWe offered > a good solution. They do not give a crap about my data and > are providing a service to their customers. Me. You. Not > some data-sucking stalker like Mark Zuckerberg.

I'm rather glad I've been able to acclimate to – and accept – a place like this being sufficient for my community and/or blabberistic needs.

> everything in the cosmos is interconnected. our separation > is bridged through compassion and kindness; to others, > ourselves, and the world around us. it travels further > than the pealing of a temple bell.

Fortunately, the separation is an illusion right up there with the snake in the rope, the fire-brand-tip-generated circle of light in the dark, the barren-woman's son, etc., etc.

> building geometries

Ohmygosh, what a beautiful negative space instance!

And I'm very happy that #daishinstephenson led me to letting go 26 march 2018!

> tree and plant shadows on wall

And yet all the same for being shadows on mind's wall....

> the onion giving way to the knife. the sounds take me back > to a place, nearly seven years ago, where i was made eggs > and toast by a man who loves me still and i danced in the > kitchen while waiting.

Beautiful post overall.. but the above was my favorite part... the slightest curling shavings of memories of Fleetwood Mac's “Gypsy” coming loose in this sector of mind, to no doubt blow hither and yon in dance about my feet on the sidewalk of my day....

> 300g blueberries 1 tsp vanilla extract 40g maple or agave > syrup 250g firm tofu 1/3 tsp stevia 1 vegi-gel or agar > powder sachet 2 bananas 60g sunflower spread 20 crushed > biscuits (digestives work best)

For the love of the sound of a turntable needle being dragged across the vinyl of where gathering storms of thoughts were huddled in the sharing of one crumply tired filterless cigarette....