Its name is, and it dances on the blogs

> Also, I believe my tax check is arriving in the mail today, > so that will be nice. But the P&C order is still held up, > so who knows when that will arrive, or if it will arrive > or just end up getting cancelled.

One thing is certain: the above describes a series of immediate and inescapable consequences! ;–)

> I would add, to my mental cacophony, at a minimum, the > inner martyr. This character is the voice claiming I > haven't done enough or that I'm being selfish. It's like > a mission specific cousin of the critic, able to cut right > to the chase about why I am such a fucking selfish asshole > for sitting here putting words in order when I could be > doing something that someone else needs. Like programming > some shit for them. Or maybe making them a website. Or > grading something or putting comments on a paper that a > student will never retrieve. Or one of a thousand things > that my family needs from me.

Hey, wait a second! That's my inner martyr! ;–)

> We couldn't have given up our rights of personal freedom > and intimacy faster or more willingly.

No one ever said being “woke” would be easy.... ;–)

> What does your perfect Saturday look like?

I've not thought about it much, but today's been perchance in the right direction. I started organizing stuff in the basement that we moved from the other house, dusting off the old CD collection in the process (most of it pre-2010 by far). Got things in somewhat categoric bins, complete with a piece of paper for each describing contents.

Also shed some tears over memories invoked by some of the tunes. Duran Duran's “Rio” inexplicably nearly killed me. :–)

And, oh... even further... the mental wayback machine that self-assembled when Heart's “Barracuda” started....

And the Republica's self-titled offering that begins with “Ready To Go”. It's not really my kind of stuff overall (sounds like what I imagined “club scene” was like back then (“imagined” because I never partook.. except maybe-sorta-kinda once...), but an entire play through when I acquired it hit me just right enough to provoke subsequent replays over time, so it remains an oddity of a favorite.

> How to Handle Old Accounts

Imma gonna let death handle that for me, thank you very much! ;–)

> I did end up making it to BP earlier, got Lucky Strikes and > a pop, kept my hands in my pockets the whole way there and > back, and my hands still almost got frost bit. Something > like 12F outside right now.

19F here, right now (which seems gut unintuitive given how much farther north I am (despite knowing that doesn't necessarily matter)). Snowing to beat the band. But we're well-stocked on the food and drink front – never mind some important “medicinal action”

<series of immediate and inescapable winks>