If you blog, and you search, you will still find me... post after post

> > But still I wonder about how to cultivate a sense of > > continuous partial wonder such that it is more likely that > > something in the everyday will catch you, just every so > > often. Perhaps that is one of the functions of keeping an > > observational diary, or of prayer. > > Perhaps it could be a pill. Microdosing cathedrals.

Maybe rent something good at periodically trimming back the familiarity that breeds contempt.

Hell of a productive afternoon, both the software nonsense and working on the old place. Installed four full-length mirrors on the backs of doors, weed-whacked, mowed, took a look at seeing if I could disable the locking of the external doorknobs as opposed to paying for new ones when we install keyless locks where the keyed deadbolts currently are (couldn't figure it out, got tired of getting internals grease on my hands), moved some potted plants around.

After that we discussed what's left to some Jameson shots and beer from Aldi's someone gave us (not bad..), a couple Marlboro lights.

Extremely satisfying. I could almost break out in hysterical laughter how blogging pales in comparison.

Work the land, humus beings....