I know this blog of mine.. will never die-hi... and I write.as

> Perchance to blog again soon?

One can only hope.

> Remember me? > > I guess it doesn't matter if you do or don't.

I do!

> Would I even care if so? Does it really matter to me if > some strangers online recognize my fake online screen name > where I throw out some random and useless thoughts here > and there?

It does if/when it does, and doesn't if/when it doesn't?

So my latest issues seem to be “certificate” (security) related.

No idea what changed. Nothing I know of on this end – although Lord knows how Chromebook updates might have fucked me over of late.

What I do know is online realms have been on a steady march to exclude hacker/generalist types in favor of the whizbang attention-sapping apps of the big boys/girls.

It makes me rather sad.

But then I remember the continuous beauty of the backyard, of endless perchances of a walk, of how dust-mopping the house leads to infinitely more satisfaction than reading others' evidence of mental illness, and attempting to infect them with my own.