I can stop in any blog, imagine people that I read, goin' write.as

> I drew a cartoon today!

Isn't it amazing what we can do when not blowing our time on telling others what we can do?

> https://www.effuse.io/explore/50-2021-well-hello-old-friend.mp3 > > 26 minutes of ego-dissolution, some sonic healing brain > copaceticisms, and well it’s my style.


Chanced upon an employment opportunity that's waaaaaay up my alley. Must apply. Must research the bleep out of their website first, as their application instructions emphasize one's words demonstrating having done so.

<next day>

On second thought, they want way more employee than I want to be.

Can't we just work anymore? Does every position that is ultimately merely work have to be portrayed via modern woke-words as though paramount to guru-ic illimitable enlightenment?

For example, a question from a recent application:

“Which of the following developer archetypes do you most identify with?”

Um.... can I just write some fucking code for you?

> Am I the only one that appends -medium.com > to their searches so often that they created a TextExpander > snippet for it?

Well... once upon a time... until Medium became first annoying and then useless to me. (Don't remember the details, but I believe 'twas yet another case of something good having gone pay-walled-garden into the not-nearly-worth-the-cost zone....)