I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

The only thing that has come to matter is what I want to call “in-periencing attention pre-mind”.

In the above, the word 'mind' attempts to connote the seeming field of “I” and “not I”, thoughts about each percolating, swirling, typically spiraling downwardly as though toward some unseen drain.

Note that in mind, there seemingly can't be the one without the other. The mere thought of “I” whooshes its opposite into seeming ex-istence along with it.

What happens is a gnarly model fractal-ishly filling the entire seeming mind space to the point of seeming to constitute the world.

That's all the world “is”: a set of thoughts emanating, as it were, from the thoughts “I” and “not I”, descending rather tree/nested-like (compsci sense), the “I” thought bolstered by thoughts like “I am this I opposite all that not-I”.

But, again: what seems to be is merely thoughts happening quickly enough that an “I thought” believing itself to be an objective reality couldn't possibly notice the, um, “sleight of mind”. Said “I thought” effectively ignores how it actually happens, i.e. becomes ignore-ant.

The cure? (no, not the band (although it's a very very very fine band))

Attention withdrawing from energizing all that, to the still/small/quiet place that, in fact, isn't even a place, because “place” is merely a notion in the aforementioned mind mess/jungle/world.


Quiet mind enough, awareness back upon itself, and it suddenly becomes obvious.

But not explainable, i.e. put into the modeling also known as words.

In fact, as soon as you (the model of you) explained it (to the model of you), “you” are already lost in modeling again.

(See also: the message contained in the Beatles song title “Within you, without you”.)