Hey write.as, I said whatcha doin' with that post in your hand

> The World Wide Web puts the vast stores of human > understanding at our fingertips, anytime, and almost > anyplace.

I must admit having spent most of my life unable to imagine it ever being so easy to dip my cortical fingers in so vast a crock of shit.

(But I suppose that's not really fair, having lived through 1980s televangelism – not to mention advertising in general.)

More specifically: whereas in oldener days cream rose to the top, the internet has given sludge and worse the tools to not merely compete with cream, but to fake truth it out of existence (i.e. search results).

> Maybe it’s time for us to ask why we think the things > and do the things we do. Why are we so willing to dismiss > the ideas and ways of others? Why are we so intolerant?

That's Ego 101.

Higher level courses (i.e. 666 and above):

About 90 minutes of sleep last night, so apologies in advance for any crankiness that isn't merely your imagination.