Diss, dat, and de odor

Not to rag on the Bible or anything.. but it has become clear that faith – aka undoubted repeated thought – is the substance of things (to the believer/thinker/observer thereof), period.

Super successful party on the home front last night. And the guests were rather neat, so we're still enjoying all the cleaning and organizing I did prior to the event.

I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't read read.write.as at all, because it only provokes the desire to engage others, which of course pretty much never happens here, which winds up feeling more in the direction of ghosting than anything else. But maybe most others don't bother reading either, such that in a way my not reading would be more like being one of the gang anyway?

I had a major tearful meltdown a few hours after the party and post party cleanup in the nexus of colliding thoughts pertaining to my estranged kids and Madonna's “Say Goodbye”.

But, you know, what's written in Void stays in Void, so....