Cuppa t... mo?

> Maybe it's me?

Maybe you were relatively half full before said observation/seemingness, relatively half empty at time of said observation/seemingness?

I've heard there might be a borderline sinister relationship between subject and its objects.

> As my blogtar gently weeps..


> I could try an Inquiry-ism for a blog post title > (modified song lyrics for the blog post title, as > seen above), and seeing those in the R.w.a feed are > always quite nice/refreshing ([just read through his > archives!]( because it means > some wittiness is about to drop on the R.w.a landscape.

Well.... <blushes>

> Eventually, with enough repetition and exploitation, > everything once meaningful turns into a farce.

Sibling, perhaps, of “familiarity breeds contempt”?

> I miss “T” sometimes. He now identifies as “G”, > as in a female “G”

I must admit I occasionally marvel in people obsessing over what they insist shouldn't matter (e.g. gender, skin pigmentation).