Con.. stant.. blog.. ging... has alll..lllll..ways been

> I woke up expecting it to be 4:00 AM, but it was 2:30 when > I woke up, having only had about 3 ½ hours sleep. But > that is OK, for now.

That was my situation yesterday, except that at my age and/or constitution only 3.5 hours of sleep can be the equivalent of spending the next day hitting my”self” in the head with a non-rubber mallet....

But got back with the, um, “medicinal” last night (night before that was drink and smoke that was timed very poorly for suddenly having an inner meltdown over a work situation – thoughts of which were the primary culprit in my not falling back asleep at 3:30am...), sleep like a baby. (Even better than a baby, actually, if you consider the fact I didn't shit until after walking into a bathroom and sitting down on The Appropriate Chair....)

> So, staying present, and within that time, is my highest > priority.

Same, basically. Well, when I remember.... >-<

> And 44F outside right now, too. I should hike. Might hike.

Allegedly (you know... assuming we're not talking “fake weather”... <coughs>) up to 46F here, today, which means being able to finally install newer ceiling fans in the uninsulated breezeway. That'll be on the heels of having installed a new shelf in a key place, which I'm right now taking a brief break from.

We're talking some serious brownie points, there(in), peoples....