Blog... blog in the air

> Just saw someone post a “link dump” over via my RSS > reader, and I thought, “man, I never share any of the > blog posts I read throughout the week, and I should maybe > think about doing that”, then I thought “who cares?”, > then I thought, “I care!” – so, I may start sharing > other little bits and bobs from around the WWW that I see.


I'll take the fresh, possibly inspiring scent of personally curated links over the unavoidably septic odor of da “machine learning” (or even if it's mindless brute force..) of da googles, da duckducks, etc. any day.

> Worry about yourself. And only yourself.

Tell me where it is that “I” might...?

Pretty shot at the moment. We cleaned between guests at the rental, and of course were rather inefficient for not having much learning behind us – complete with getting in each other's way, “helping” (quotes intentional) in ways the inverse of helpful to each other, etc.

But, we done good, it was somewhat invigorating (which I rather needed to get more fully with this day), and I managed to receive what I believe to be a stimulus check at that address (nothing on it or accompanying it says what it's for).

<next day>

Such a whirlwind of how to describe?

Last night's performance? Well, the last two of the three sets went well (except for there being no power to the amp after returning from break between sets two and three.. some panic-stricken debug finally led to discovering the power strip is on the flaky side – in the last position (i.e. outlet), that is).

The first set? Aye-yi yi. We were told we sounded fine, but what else are people to do? Intonation problems, wife and I thinking songs went to different places for not having worked 'em in a while... started one song on the guitar only to be confronted with not having turned my mic on... that kind of shit.

Part of the problem was my wife had a cousin of hers and her husband to come and stay, and they came along to the show, so I had what might be called “built-in chatterboxes” to ignore through disingenuous smiling at key junctures when I needed to focus – for example, bring all the right equipment. Thankfully they're all still asleep so I can have a least a little morning peace.

But, dang, our harmonies were spot the fuck on.