Ain't nothin' gonna breaka my blog.. ain't nothing gonna woe me dow-hown.. oh no.. I've got to keep on postin'

> What else could be done with state?

Whatever one's skills don't prohibit?

> You see, I have spent my entire life fashions myself as > an individual.

Yes. Life is but that dream.

> I've seen a lot of people talk about

Yep. That's what people do best: talk. I mean, the other species aren't even close. And just look at the difference it makes! We've crime, police, prisons, wars, indescribable poverty in the shadows of incomprehensible wealth, people scamming and/or fucking others over every possible opportunity (we say a sucker is born every minute, but I'm pretty sure the reality is closer to numerous assholes being born every second..), pretty sure there's an Other Side™ that has to go (see also: be cancelled), and – unfortunately – so on.

It's almost as though a connection lurketh... a correlation... maybe even (oh, Deity, how I used to despise this phrase..) root cause....


(and of course what you just read is more more more (love that song, by the way..) person/people talking... <blushes> <yawns>)

> The little cafe in Truc Bach

Damned beauskeeful!

Pretty typical morning, here. I'm a little behind and rushed for not getting up until the alarm went off, which leaves just 40 minutes to get quite a bit of bio-and-related done in time to look to my remote counterparts as though busily – shit, maybe even happily? – working.

It's funny (not) how hard we try to make the afore-insinuated dream work when the only thing that works is absence of said night.. I mean dream.