1800's not just a tequila anymore

Looks like my previous was my 1800th post, here.

Time flies when you're having blog?


Rehearsals going well, despite a mild hangover.

'Tis absolute beautiful outside.

<next day>

> > The library is one of the only places we can visit that > > are completely free and expect nothing from us.

Wow, yeah. Miss ours. Used to walk to it semi-regularly. Still drive past it, occasionally, due to its somewhat unavoidable location relative to town food 'n fun.

> Also, I just realized that it is officially July 4th! So > Happy Independence Day, America. I have no special plans > for the day

Performance tonight. Be there. I promise I'll do my best to put a death metal spin on the Beatles' “Yesterday”. ;–)

> I’m going to get some sleep and think about how can I > get the most out of quarantine.

My research indicates we get the most of any situation when we – i.e. the thought of ourselves (which is all these self-centric selves are) – are least.

Want it all?

Walk/coax/whatever-it-takes said sad, lonely puppy down to zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeero....

> This is how my desktop looks right now.

Huh. I almost never see mine on this Chromebook, because I almost always have just one browser instance (multiple tabs, of course), and one “Terminal” instance (the latter subdivided by the incomparably glorious tmux), Alt-Tab'ing between them as needed.

It's, like, what do I need a desktop for, anyway?

> Nonfiction is defined by what it is not, rather than > what it is. Fiction is not called “nonfact.” Is > this because we regard fiction as the essence, or ideal, > of literature? Does it resonate more with us because we > innately understand it as more “real” than “true > stories”?

Fiction resonates more because the notion of ourselves is fiction, i.e. more of the same.