You're two thousand blog posts from home

> How is everybody doing?

Excellent, thank you bloggy much!

> I am going to try to utilize the “silent mentions” > approach to using hashtags on and see if it > works. Worth a shot.

Ah, yes: the glow of gadgetry amazement.

But I've found that no amount of amazement with machine(s) addresses being alone in a sea of others.

In related news, last week I disabled javascript execution in the browser for all but a couple, three domains.. and the peace gained relative to any perceived (imagined, really) loss slaps the word 'palpable' back and forth across the face with steady, knowing blows.

> I gotta be a little honest here – I am a bit stressed > about just how little moolah I am going to have available > to me in the near future due to college costs. I talked > about this before, but it is worth repeating. I don’t > like being 110% broke (which is what I am about to be).

Not that the situations are at all the same, but those words remind me a bit of a son whose innards were populated by hooks, lines, and sinkers his mother fed him regarding his – from her point of view – “evil” father, whose mere existence said son could thus not even so much as molecule's-worth acknowledge, doing so for so long the notion of “son” lost all but its most fundamental, biological meaning to the father (and even that aspect started feeling more like a dream than a reality).

The financial consequence will likely be that when the “evil” father passes, his wealth will be pass in its entirety to the woman whom the “evil” father increasingly pondered making his wife, thus winding up benefiting her progeny – and, subsequently, theirs – the aforementioned son receiving not so much as an acknowledgement of his hooked, lined, and sunk existence.

All for the absence of the simplest acknowledgement of another's existence.

(Which, hmmm... does that sound like any blogging platforms you've ever heard of, by any chance?)

> The only thing I am interested in, is placing bets on HOW > human civilization ends within the next decade (or two). My > money is on insects going extinct and losing pollination > abilities and therefore, vegetation becomes a thing of > the past.

The loss will be as significant as the loss of a reflection of the moon when a puddle dries.

> Not trying to sound dark or depressive, but let’s face > it – this world is pretty friggin grim a lot of the > time. Even the cheery “She’s A Rainbow” tunes from > The Rolling Stones playing on my earbuds right now cannot > make me think of anything other than how bad this place > (Earth) can be.

“2000 Light Years From Home” is better anyway.

Typing of seemingly another planet, we so enjoyed season one of Netflix's “Virgin River”....