You're asking me will my blog grow... I don't know, I... don't know

> the themes focus around the self actualization of the > human animal creature whatever we are to you

Shadows – i.e. what “we” are to “me” – need but realize their shadowhood for it to be games (not a typo) over.

> join

I'm sure it's wonderful to whomever it's wonderful. But if the internet has taught me anything over the years, it's that less people is more better... that it's better to rub screeny shoulders with a few Actualized than throngs of word-slobbering moronic idiots.. like, you know, me.... ;–)

But, honestly! I can't get it out of my head that software development types have spent the last several-to-many decades trying to make all this foolproof, i.e. so that any fool can participate. And – soo-prise, soo-prise, soo-prise!! – looks like they succeeded what with the cloud of fools vying for maximally attention-sucking position.

So... as for me and my meager byte-caressing skills, I'm looking for/in places more likely to be less traveled, implying less people, furthermore implying less idiocy.

So, like, take this wonderful place a guy named Matt (along with some really smart others) created and maintain. It appears that at time of writing this, 364 writers contribute to Read So, like, per my experience and conclusions drawn therefrom, it's no wonder the vast majority of posts here seem intelligent and informative.

And there's some delicious irony to it in that the writing interface is as, um, foolproof as it gets, thus somehow being a grand exception to the rule of sorts I was attempting to portray above...!