You took my blog for granted, why.. oh why... say you read me, say

Hey! Good times persist.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have said that per low-grade smouldering beliefs in the general vicinity of word magick.

But, you know.

Ooopsie... today's happiness already showing cracks in having forgotten to look at my phone in a while (volume off) to find my wife was enlisting someone she works with to get her home from today's “in person student testing”. I'll have to trust that her ending with “MISS YOU” means I've not disappointed her.

But, you know.

The title was for having had Alexa play Madonna's “Take a Bow” in order to figure out the chords in the piano. Initial moments of dismay to quickly ascertain the fucker's in Ab (or is it G#? you be the judge...). But, well, I have had a bit of a lifelong sense/believe flat keys sound better, so....

Oh my.. is the grass getting long again?

<squelches thoughts of missing snow>