You say you want some infor-hor-ma-shu-hu-hun, weh-he-hell, you know-ho-ho...

> The next time you're out and about, keep a keener eye open > for the data that your city is presenting to you. You'll > be pleasantly surprised at how much information you've > missed or taken for granted.

It's a fun theory.

But the older I get – and thus the less remaining life time I feel I have – the less I feel I want to “blow it” attending to “information”, aka “knowing facts/figures/stuff” when, instead, I could be attending to forms of beauty, whether “natural” or “human made” (and of course the latter is a subset of the former).

I mean, okay, I suppose “beauty” could be thought of as consisting of “information” – sensory information that I suppose could be – and obviously is – quantized. And that's all well and good inasmuch as there isn't too much lost in the translation from so-called analog to so-called digital.

But I was thinking of “information” as more the likes of “23 people scootered down the left side of Whim Street on 2020/02/10”. I'm rather tired of that kind of “information”. I want to call it “information for information's sake”.

And speaking of tired, the “information” consisting of news articles whose title contains the word 'reportedly' is quite possibly the most tiring of all....