You put the post in the, and blog it all up

> There’s always something about a lake we cannot > know. It’s mystery is that it is. People will second > guess and hypothesize and wonder if the fish and birds may > know. They both touch and are touched by the water. I think > not though. They perhaps know some of its timelessness > but beyond is the spirit inviolate. It holds the wind and > touches your face and makes you lonely and fulfilled.


If there's anything to the notion of an astrological “water sign”, I submit having spent most of my life in the general vicinity of either Lake Michigan or The Hudson River as proof. Although their impact of each is unique, they're both pleasantly profound.

> But I had decided before then the US was not for me. I > think you will find the things worthy and challenging as > long as you follow your own heart, mind and soul. My kids > don’t call either. Strange how that works. It’s ok > though. They have their lives. My ex wife calls more. Mixed > blessing! Lol.


> For sure, 60 is a good year. Revel in it, boomer! 😎

Thanks, Mike.

> I'm sure this is what the people in charge of these > products think the masses want: more of the same. How > boring is that, though? Why not tune the algorithm toward > inspiration instead of tedium? Why not use this powerful > position as product designer to break filter bubbles, > instead of building and reinforcing them?

<Comes forward. Total immersion. Conversion. Inner commitment to tithing. :–) >

> Walking away from grandiloquence

Just noting that in this species, grandiloquence frequency/magnitude tends to be proportional to a deliverer's sense of self importance.

(“I” should know....)