You gotta give me little posting, give me little posting <snare> OW!!! <pause> if you want to last

> Also, I discovered that my mom still has DSL at > her house (!!!). No broadband! It is because she is > “grandfathered” in to anh AT&T U-Verse package that she > gets a good deal on, but that isn't worth it. Chances are > she can get a BETTER deal with a NEWER AT&T package and > get broadband to boot. So, we (me and my sister “C”) > are going to see what we can do about convincing her > to upgrade.

Any guess on the odds of our someday living in a world where a company itself notifies a customer when there's a better deal for them, ending with “Would you like is to make that switch right now?”

(HINT: it's an oval)

Reminds me, though, that I've a bin of old phones, modems, and routers. Never got rid of them for fearing there being PII in/on them... it's like I need a vat of sulfuric acid....

> One of the things that annoys me most about edtech > companies is the way they pitch their products as “more > engaging” or “more fun” or “more” anything. I > get it, that's marketing.

You can solve that annoyance by accepting that 'marketing' and 'lying' are synonyms....

> R.w.a is moving slow (not many updates)

Hey, I'm doin' my part! ;–)