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Well, whaddaya know.. finally have the treadmill set up in the new place, working like a charm.

Kinda somewhat fresh back from having “labs” done in preparation for an early May hopefully well doctor visit.

I blew it in the McDonald's drive-thru, though, somehow convincing myself both pickup windows (after the two order kiosks that feed into one late to the pickup windows along side the building) were for pay and pickup. Nopers. The first is apparently for paying, the second for pickup. But I drove past someone at that first window to get to the second. Significant confusion ensued after I handed over some money, noticed the order I was about to be given couldn't possibly be mine, and then enjoyed (NOT) the kind of communication wonkiness that typically ensues when people think they're talking about the same thing(s), but aren't due to significantly different context.

So the person at the window was somehow disturbed I wanted my order without paying, despite my having just handed her the exact cash amount, and I was even more disturbed that I was being asked to pay after having just paid – the money still bountifully visible in her hand....

Anyway, it was my bad, and I apologized. But I swear that at the previous McDonald's I was at, both windows were for pay/pickup.

Not that such could possibly matter to someone no doubt thinking “Okay, boomer...” during the entire exchange.

You know. Just like online....

Gosh, it's good to be walking indoors again. Actually snowed here the last couple days.