You better.. post back, bloggy cat.. better get back to the posts

> I mean there are probably ten different ways I could make > it seem like today was a good, useful, productive day in > my life – but really, it was wasted. I consumed coffee, > a little bit of food, and browsed the Internet, and that > is IT! I didn't leave the apartment, and no one came over, > of course. My writing was sub-par (no surprise there), > my mood was totally neutral, even the weather was kinda > overcast, but kinda sunny. Therefore, neutral.

Sounds pretty enviable to me!

And regardless your criteria for your writing quality relative to “par”, I enjoyed both its content and frequency. I dare say I've come to count on tmo to deliver the above-par blogging goods when I'm in need of that kind of a read – which turns out to be pretty frequently.

> So, I'll use this as a mental space to dump. It'll be > nice. It'll be refreshing. And likely it'll be a bit raw.


> Same for whatever excuse I tell myself on why to keep > blogging. Or to keep smoking. Or to keep...doing other shit > that I do. Smoking is an addiction, blogging, not so much > I don't think. But either way, there's some clarity there.

People forget that while breeding contempt, familiarity also breeds comfort. They're sort of a pair of brothers that can't/don't really get along, yet somehow do.

> Looking ahead, my weekend (and all of next week) will be > reading, writing, consuming too much media, and going for > walks in snow-covered suburbia. (Unless it melts and I > have to rescind my opening declaration.) If reading and > writing and being lost in thought is all that's left, > I'll be at peace. To get lost in the vast expanses of our > minds is one of the greatest gifts of humanity.

Sure: when it's not being one of the greatest self-inflicted tortures when – yea, because – being taken too seriously.

> Either way, I will proceed with life as if I was destined > for greatness, and make choices to affirm this belief, > and fight for it at all opportunities. It'll probably pan > out well for me.

I'd bet on you based on those statements alone.