Write dot a s posts forever

> Getting from Here to There

I'm pretty sure we're always here.

> And that’s how I got from here to there. It’s good to > relate sometimes when you feel that blogging perhaps has > gone so far down that looking up is not seeing the view > from the top but just a low ceiling that many so-called > bloggers want to find. > > If you want detritus and BS and some dirty words once in > awhile, you could find them and perhaps interspersed with > little tales about the places and the little things with > no real merit I have found in wandering. That joy also > fuels the creation and the joy in it.

               let me wordly drown
               'cuz I'm posting to
                  write dot a s
               type what you feel
         and much text to comment about
           write dot a s posts forever

                 typing is easy
                as thoughts flow
        while mindly handling what I read
                  I feel a star
                athough some shun
         as the posts come tumbling out
                our pitter patter
                   you and me