Write.as singing in the dead of night

> 8:20 here, it's gonna be a chilly, overcast day today, > and that's fine. Gonna be a COOL day, that is for sure.

Wind blowin' like a motherfuck, rain on and off, here. No idea the temperature. Too afraid to find out. All I know is the wind/rain tag team rather derailed my leaf relocation plans.

> Anyhow, the Traveler looks kinda sleek, but it is something > I could buy at JCPenny in 1989 for $40 from the kids > catalog. It looks like a toy. A $599 toy. An iPad costs > that much! Or a Mac Mini!

What? Shysters hoping to separate money from the numerous suckers born every minute? In this hallowed species!



In related news, I can't tell you how tired I am of the election. Of people pontificating on the basis of ridiculously hyper overly general categories of behavior, e.g. “Sweden (as though an individual that could act with singular will) just did something or another!!!”

How is it that morons tend to get the most attention?

Oh, right... I forgot... it's what happens when a species is majority moron....