Write.as man, burnin' out his blog up here alone

> Amazon is abysmal. No one should use them, really.

I'm not going to pay more elsewhere for a product because people I don't know – who are almost certainly teeming with bias – have an issue with what they've heard about a store's politics.

Now, should I do my own research and feel confident I've weeded out biased reports, and then conclude a store made it their primary purpose in life to harm others, well, then I'll pay more elsewhere. But apart from that, I have to consider the “evidence” hearsay (is there anything online that isn't?). Also, people make mistakes with respect to others that I think behooves forgiveness more than boycott, or at least punishing the actual doer(s) instead of everyone (“Amazon”) arbitrarily associated with each other by a common employer.

Then again, Cancel Culture (i.e. a key “feature” of religious fundamentalism)....

> Now with more banner! This is something I had been meaning > to purchase since forever. A “welcome eagle”, if you > will. Got it (+ sticker) from Yellow Beak Press, and I am > happy with how it looks.


Also, I'm getting a kick out of how similar the carpeting looks to what we have in the living room of the previous dwelling.

> on complicated applications > > They're annoying.

Sure. But are they Amazon Annoying™? ;–)

> OK, sorry for the rant, but I was trying to discover music > and I felt like I belly-flopped into an ocean of random > crap, when I thought I was entering specific keywords to > filter through it all. Not the case with Tidal. Not the > case with Spotify. And YouTube and Apple are actual crap.

And yet most probably think all that's still better than “terrestrial” radio, which in fact has no changing menus or annoying interfaces. I'd also argue “terrestrial” radio's advertising model is far less distractive than the online stuff.

The big <insert your favorite gender because if I pick one for the readers at least one will have raving hissy conniption fits for not expressing one or more genders correctly>s boys of the online joke have precisely one person in mind when it comes to their products: themselves. Grant it, so do the <same gender miasma as before>s of “terrestrial”. But at least they can't/don't get listeners involved in ways involving interactions that give away more personal information than one really ought just to listen to friggin' music....