Write.as is a word I use to descri-hibe

> Enjoy the Newport, my friend :)

Did, thank you!

Can't tell you how happy I am it's Thursday and not yet Friday.

And it's not that anything particularly odious is set to occur Friday. I mean, it'll be mostly fun when the grandchildren visit beginning Friday night for a couple days, which sounds like it'll include kayaking, which I've not done in ages. They're not even staying with us, but leveraging the rental for it not having paying guests scheduled. The dread is more that I almost always dread planned events due to how “Murphy” lurks – if not loves to pounce, and to beat well past the horse being dead.

So, okay, shit can happen in serendipitous contexts as well. But such contexts don't have the weight of expectations hanging over them, little to no points of comparison. How can something go “wrong” when what it would mean to be “right” isn't pre-defined/invoked?


Ugh. Slogging through some required “professional development” for work. Classic yadda yadda let's believe in and worship the latest rah rah verbiage/acronyms. Endless Dilbert. Oh, to be one of The Elect, i.e. one whose job is to talk, and only to talk. And everyone's amazed because they have to be, because the talker can either decide their financial fate, or people one wishes to impress are glassy-eyed mystified to the point of idolatry. “So and so is just SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD...”, and etc.

But in the final analysis, it's just words and more words, which anyone with at least half a brain understands don't mean shit until a work-to-meaning-mapping-context (i.e. an alleged individual mind) percolates 'em into... well, all this! And more! And beyond!

> when you master > the mind > and find your peace > inside > then everything becomes exquisite.

Gosh, the tingling coincidence of having read something so similar last night.