Write.as.. you better take care.. if I find you've been bloggin' 'round my backstairs

Looking at some rather intriguing job listings. One has an innovative (inasmuch as I've not heard of such before) $1000 “vacation bonus” for taking at least five vacation days consecutively.

It's tough seemingly never being quite what is desired, though. What would it like to be naturally suited to a position? If string/rope/cords can tie themselves in knots I couldn't invent in a million years, how is it a position naturally suited to/for me can't similarly magically appear?

Snow, snow, and more snow.

I mean, do I have experience with specific software package/realm XYZ?

Um, no. But as Robert Smith might say about software, “it's always the same”. And I know that. And so does anyone/everyone else who's ever done it.

But, of course, HR types typically haven't done it. So they're mesmerized – aka blinded – by the specific names of things, as though each name is an absolute reference to someone so utterly unique that there couldn't possibly be anything remotely similar, so that you either have your 3-5 years of experience in/with it, or you couldn't possibly fulfill the role.

<song reference in three.. two..>

It goes on and on.. and on and on....