Write.as.. almost always.. makes me high

> Dial down all the noise, > let's fix this together. > Be crazy enough to believe > that we can do better.

Glorious! (in toto)

> To me, what Mighty is doing is one way to answer the > question of the browser shifting to become the OS. There > are many other ways people are interpreting this that are > equally intriguing if implemented. One that I've written > about a lot is [TabFS](https://omar.website/tabfs/).

Cool. But as for me and my command line, we will serve the cURL (driven by the likes of an io.popen() of a Lua).

I also get a lot of mileage out of io.popen()'ing the elinks terminal text browser with its -dump, -no-numbering, and -no-references flags.

Had a heck of a fun night out to a winery and a “brew lodge”, meeting some fun people around a fire at the latter.


Well, more work on the houses, then food and drink at my favorite brewery. Fresh out of the shower. Beat.

> This is the opposite of freedom.

I'm pretty sure the only freedom worth having cannot be touched from without.

Then again, I'm still a bit ale tipsy....