Woke up, fell out of head, choked on foam as angst I bled

While trying to find the write.as “labs” URL (per its mention in this post) (and I eventually did find it, by the way), I came across this vitriolic reaction to the write.as pricing changes back in.. I guess July?

That kind of reminded me of that Bix fellow that briefly toured write.as, whom I recall losing his shit – en route to public declaration of intent to permanently shun – over something I wrote in these parts, once.

I guess I'm kind of a hothead too (mostly in a “vehicular” context), so I easily identify with instantiations thereof.

One thing I'm not, though, is a shunner.

Years ago, I spent some time observing Watchtower Society adherents, and shunning is (or is it finally “was”, now?) a key tool for dealing with disobedient brethren (and sisthren, of course).

And then, of course, I've been ghosted more times than a blog site gets blogged. (Not that that's the same thing, mind you, but it kinda feels the same on the receiving end.)

Where I'm going with this is I'm rather dismayed that liberal/progressive types have seemingly co-opted shunning into their modern day fundamentalist religion (whose “scripture” is “The Media”). Back when I leaned more that direction, I'd have thought it abhorrent to behave like “Christian Fundamentalists” in any fashion.

But these days fundamentalist liberal/progressive shunning is all the rage – especially when conducted in public.

It's kinda weird to have seen the goose not merely catch, but surpass the gander in that fundilicious skill. To me, it most certainly constitutes proof that the notion of “woke” is delusional regardless the specifics.