Without you.. in my blog.. I slowly post and die

> What must we do to make this true?

As with any purely conceptual notion about an alleged objective reality, simply believe it is so.

If/when you truly believe something then, by golly, it's just plain true for you....

As for making something true for “we”?

Um... there is no “we”, for there's not even really a “me” except to those who <wink> <wink> believe there is a “me” to be believing other things are (relative to said “me”, of course)....

(yes, complete Ouroboros-ic self-referentiality)

> Mostly, this blog is for me. If you come across it, you > are welcome to read through and interact with what I've > written. But reader beware, my mind can be a yarn ball.

YAY! A new textural yarn ball to play with!

<playful tugs>

Pretty good workday in progress, so far. Yes, lotsa Windows nightmares.. but slowly fighting through them, attempting to document what finally works to be able to recreate what was done (which, of course, probably won't help because a subsequent version of Windows will likely barf on whatever commands and/or point-click's used in the current version...).