Why don't we read.write.as all together.. open our screens, let the blog posts come

> You'd wish career politicians who had 30 years to read a > classic book on modeling complex systems like societies > should have read it already.

Word-based communication is well nigh useless amongst individuality loci whose conceptuality frameworks are sufficiently the same to seem as though such communication could work, but not sufficiently the same for communication to avoid significant misunderstanding – which I believe online worlds and other forms of war confirm rather abundantly.

> I've heard/read numerous times that vegetarians are > supposed to eat a high-carb/starchy diet

I prefer remaining “supposed to” free. I mean, for example, I've lost track of the number of times “experts” have changed their minds about the likes of eggs, cheese, coffee, etc. Seems mostly narcissism-trance-driven blathering to me.

Just like in this blog, come to think of it.... ;–)

Yesterday, my wife made final preparations at the rental for our first guests that evening. I handled most aspects of lawn here on the home front.

We got cleaned up after that, hit a drinking establishment where we know quite a few people, a friend joined us later, then we and that friend met up with his husband/wife (he seems a bit more the latter...?) at a wonderful restaurant, where we yapped away in the cool evening to some great food and drink.

I had more than I should have, but it was somewhat because I knew I'd have next to nothing to do today but musical preparations for tomorrow night's gig...

... which has become a bit more interesting, because the venue owners decided to make it a ticketed event, proceeds going to the local zoo. And they've already sold out (roughly 140 tickets), so we're talking packed house. Probably a somewhat older crowd, which is more our wheelhouse anyway.