Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's blogging.. you know.. never believe it's not show

> Still off of the news. My brain has gone back to > pre-election results normalcy. There were 3 or 4 days there > that I kept up with this or that, and all of it made me > feel some unexplainable level of horrendous.

Same. And for me, the horrendous tends in the direction of chest-beating alpha-verbal, with heavy emphasis on looking down at others.

But, of course, it doesn't seem/feel that way in the cloud of relative self-righteousness. It seems more as though doing others a favor. Not a good place.

> As I go forward on this path of... “more normalcy”? (or > in other words, reclaiming my pre-social brian / developing > a post (social) media mindset), I think of what I might > have gotten done in the past decade had it not been for > notifications and trash content vying for my attention > 24/7.

I'd have to leave this as well, because I can definitely get obsessive about it.

I mostly connect “normalcy” to much younger days, long before devices that increased contact with others. I really didn't need to know what others thought – or, worse yet, how what they called thought was, well... basically not more than a nanometre above parroting what they imagined improved their standing relative to being “with it”. Like with “memes”, these days. Or in times past, phrases from SNL. And so on.

Oh, and hey... and FWIW.. this be <slowly crescendoing drum roll> Inquiry's 1500th write.as post! <cymbal crash>